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1. Promises For The New Year 8/22/2008
2. My Little Windy World 6/8/2006
3. No More 6/8/2006
4. They Wonder Who Do I Love 6/8/2006
5. Thank You God 6/8/2006
6. Your Love 6/8/2006
7. My Perfect Lover 6/8/2006
8. You & Me Are Extraordinary 3/2/2007
9. What Would You Think? 6/8/2006
10. Men.. Selfish Or Dogs? ! 6/11/2006
11. Why? 6/8/2006
12. Sad Song 6/8/2006
13. My Secret 6/8/2006
14. The Last Chance 6/8/2006
15. How Could We? ! 6/8/2006
16. Our Story 6/8/2006
17. Tell Me That You Love Me 6/8/2006
18. Why Did I Love You? 6/8/2006
19. Please Smile To Me 3/14/2007
20. No One Knows Me 6/8/2006
21. Me Or She? 6/8/2006
22. Our Last Goodbye 6/8/2006
23. To My Far Away Lover 6/8/2006
24. I Miss Love 6/8/2006
25. Special Thoughts 6/8/2006
26. Sometimes.. All The Times 6/13/2006
27. When You Kiss Me... 7/6/2008
28. Lets Make This World Better 6/8/2006
29. I Won'T Say That I Love You 6/8/2006
30. Have You Ever Wondered? 6/8/2006
31. My Pen 6/8/2006
32. I'M Proud Of My Love To You 6/8/2006
33. Love Is 6/8/2006
34. Do You? 6/8/2006
35. Dreams Are Always Better Than Real 6/8/2006
36. If Only You Can See 3/6/2007
37. Forever I Will Love You 6/8/2006
38. Days Teach Me 6/8/2006
39. Life 6/8/2006
40. All I Need 6/8/2006

Comments about unknown poet

  • Muhammad Sagir Hunter Soro (2/8/2014 4:21:00 AM)

    eams are always better than Real

    I want you to love me
    Just one more day
    And let me feel those nice
    feelings once again
    Let me forget that you have already went away
    cause that will make me go insane

    Let me love you one more day
    To give you more love
    that may make you stay

    Come back to my life once again appear
    Stay in my heart come near
    Remove this fear

    Let us fall in love once more
    And from this dream don't make me awake
    Don't say goodbye
    Don't close the door
    For heaven's sake

    You were the sweetest dream
    I know
    Dreams are always better than real
    Dreams always bring sun beam
    Real puts you in prisons of steel

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  • cody/wordweaver lover of a thousand fears (9/26/2008 10:35:00 PM)

    oh no nobody knows you do they?
    lol im going to change my name i just dont know what yet but wht do you care ill read your poems
    all of them lol

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Best Poem of unknown poet

All I Need

I'm not asking you to meet everyday
I could try & bare
When you are away
All I need is just some care

All I need is not to feel so much alone
All I need is a tender heart not hard as stone
All I need is to hear your voice on the phone

All I need is to know that you're fine
All I need is to know that you're mine
All I need is to know that I'm in your heart
Even If we are going to stay for so long apart

I'm not asking you to count every dropp of water in the rain!
All I need is to stop making me feel this pain
I'm not asking you to count every ...

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How Could We? !

How could we love each other so much
and everyday fight? !
Why do i have to be always wrong
And you have to be right? !
Why can't we ease this stress?
Hold me.. take me in your arms so tight

How could we fall in love with each other
When we have nothing in common? !

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