Victor Marie Hugo

[Victor Hugo] (26 February 1802 – 22 May 1885 / Besancon / France)

Victor Marie Hugo Poems

1. The Roll Of The De Silve Race 4/3/2010
2. The Son In Old Age 4/3/2010
3. The Spanish Lady’s Love 4/3/2010
4. The Worst Treason 4/3/2010
5. The Refugee’s Haven 4/3/2010
6. The Old And The Young Bridegroom 4/3/2010
7. The Old Man’s Love 4/3/2010
8. The Pity Of Angels 4/3/2010
9. The Lover’s Colloquy 4/3/2010
10. The Veil 4/3/2010
11. The Lover’s Sacrifice 4/3/2010
12. The Quiet Rural Church 4/3/2010
13. The Retreat From Moscow 4/3/2010
14. Then, Most, I Smile 4/3/2010
15. The Portrait Of A Child 4/3/2010
16. They Say: 4/3/2010
17. Man and Woman 4/8/2016
18. The Sower 4/3/2010
19. The First Black Flag 4/3/2010
20. The Giant In Glee 4/3/2010
21. The Girl Of Otaheite 4/3/2010
22. Trumpets Of The Mind 4/3/2010
23. Aux Proscrits 4/3/2010
24. The Feast Of Freedom 4/3/2010
25. En Écoutant Chanter La Princesse *** 4/3/2010
26. Hymne Des Transportés (Hymn Of The Transported) 4/3/2010
27. Je La Revois, Après Vingt Ans, L'Île Où Décembre 4/3/2010
28. La Grand-Mère (The Grandmother) 4/3/2010
29. To The Napoleon Column 4/3/2010
30. The Cemetary Of Eylau 4/3/2010
31. Je Ne Vois Pas Pourquoi Je Ferais Autre Chose 4/3/2010
32. Charles Vacquerie 4/3/2010
33. Cri De Guerre Du Mufti 4/3/2010
34. Dans L'Alcôve Sombre 4/3/2010
35. Dante Écrit Deux Vers 4/3/2010
36. Elle Était Déchaussée, Elle Était Décoiffée... 4/3/2010
37. Dieu Fait Les Questions Pour Que L'Enfant Réponde 4/3/2010
38. Chanson D'Autrefois (Autre) 4/3/2010
39. Chanson De Gavroche 4/3/2010
40. Je Ne Me Mets Pas En Peine 4/3/2010

Comments about Victor Marie Hugo

  • A. Madhavan (5/13/2017 2:39:00 AM)

    Did he write about 'The Word of God' as a Verb, not a noun? Please cite his lines.

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  • Hebert Logerie Sr. Hebert Logerie Sr. (7/8/2009 8:58:00 PM)

    This is my favorite poem!

Best Poem of Victor Marie Hugo

More Strong Than Time

Since I have set my lips to your full cup, my sweet,
Since I my pallid face between your hands have laid,
Since I have known your soul, and all the bloom of it,
And all the perfume rare, now buried in the shade;

Since it was given to me to hear on happy while,
The words wherein your heart spoke all its mysteries,
Since I have seen you weep, and since I have seen you smile,
Your lips upon my lips, and your eyes upon my eyes;

Since I have known above my forehead glance and gleam,
A ray, a single ray, of your star, veiled always,
Since I have felt...

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You can see it already: chalks and ochers;
Country crossed with a thousand furrow-lines;
Ground-level rooftops hidden by the shrubbery;
Sporadic haystacks standing on the grass;
Smoky old rooftops tarnishing the landscape;
A river (not Cayster or Ganges, though:
A feeble Norman salt-infested watercourse);
On the right, to the north, bizarre terrain
All angular--you'd think a shovel did it.

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