Warren Falcon

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Warren Falcon Poems

41. Cuts Loose Awash In Blue - Photo Of The Shrine Before The End 1/19/2016
42. Cuts Loose Awash In Blue, Being An Account Of The Spiritual Near Misses Of A Half-A*sed Devotee Of Black Mouse 1/16/2016
43. Dante In The Laundromat - Journeys Further Into Hell With Two Lines From The Book 1/18/2012
44. Das Lied Von Der Erde [the Song Of The Earth] In Three Movements 11/12/2012
45. David To Jonathan, A Lost Psalm Recovered, Recent Translation, Circa 1978 2/4/2010
46. De Asterisco, Preciosa Flor 3/18/2014
47. Dear Goodfew, Regarding The Poems I Sent 9/26/2011
48. 'Dear Low' - Upon His Leaving Mountains For Manhattan, Circa 1981 12/29/2009
49. Decry The Fetish Of Normality, After Reading Sonnet Of The A*shole By Paul Verlaine & Artur Rimbaud 8/25/2016
50. Deja Vu Haiku 2/27/2011
51. Delusion Of One 2/3/2010
52. Delusion Of One, A Lunar New Year Reprise 1/20/2012
53. Der Einfall, Remaining Light In Duino 10/16/2012
54. Design - Fabricate - Install: A Carol On The Difficulty Of Communion With The Ineffable In An Age Of Disbelief, Solitude, And Profound Anxiety 11/21/2015
55. Dinah Washington, All Alone On The Street Of Regret (Circa 1977) 3/31/2010
56. Dreams Into Beast, Chimney Rock, Nc 1980 2/7/2016
57. Dusk At Princeton Station 10/6/2012
58. Eating Catfish 8/29/2014
59. Enchanted Trip To Get Lozenges 10/14/2016
60. Enunciating Wonder - Krishna Tales 10/7/2013
61. Erotic Lullaby For Bedding, After Roethke 12/30/2009
62. Even Pretty Buddhas - Rumors Exist Of Han Shan's Unfettered Inscriptions Of Wind 1/4/2013
63. Evocation Of River And Spirits 2/26/2012
64. Exiled From Mountains A Country Boy Laments The Question, Harlem, Ny 1982 2/7/2016
65. Expostulations Of The Child-Man, The Pope In Italian Miniatures - A Mystery 12/31/2011
66. Extensiones De Accidente - Estrofas De Frieda Kahlo 12/11/2011
67. Extensions Of Crash - Strophes For Frieda Kahlo 2/16/2011
68. First Snow Of New Year Haiku-Esque 1/21/2012
69. For All The Words Dished Up - Two For Emily Dickinson 12/19/2009
70. For First Day Of The New Year 1/1/2012
71. For Zukofsky, Alphabet Streets - Beginning & Ending With Lines From Zukofsky, 6/14/2013
72. Forward To 'What Is Known Is Variable And Dependent Upon Available Light' 12/30/2012
73. Four Against The Shapeless Wind 9/30/2012
74. Four Snortets, A Parody With Fondness For Thomas Stearns Eliot 10/23/2010
75. Fragment From An 11th Century Japanese Scroll 3/29/2011
76. Fragments Beginning With A Line By Berryman 5/20/2012
77. From 'Ragas For Krishna' 8/7/2012
78. From 'Ragas For Krishna' - Part 3 8/7/2012
79. From 'Ragas For Krishna' Part 2 8/7/2012
80. From The Dusk Of My Ghost-House - Journal Poems From 1970's 11/2/2015
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Autumn Haiku

Even from my front porch
the rusted sewing machine
yearns for golden thread.

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Autumnal Math

The ground assumes its portent.
The good of the season remains in what is left behind.
It takes what lays down or is laid down upon it.
You'd think it a kind of king of accountants.
You'd sink down an addition of arithmetics,
heartbeats, breaths, footings found and lost,
all the unintended landings of a life.

You'd think it wouldn't stop.

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