Warren Falcon

Bronze Star - 2,233 Points (04/23/52 - xxxx / Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA)

Warren Falcon Poems

81. From The Encampment Of Heartstrife - A Serial Poem 2/10/2017
82. From The Train Window Haiku 9/25/2010
83. Give This Looking Back A Rest - Disappears Into Tall Grass 10/5/2013
84. Giving Darkness In Giverny 9/10/2010
85. Glenn Gould In Heaven Does Lament 11/17/2012
86. Haiku D'Estat - Staten Island Ferry Wake,1984 2/3/2010
87. Haiku For Mathematicians 5/30/2011
88. Hard Days On In At The Rehab For Drunken Poets, An Opera Of Sorts, Circa 1981 2/3/2010
89. Harlem Palimpsest - What Is Seen And Overheard At Six A.M., West 142nd Street, August 1984 3/7/2010
90. Have Joyed In His Heaving Forth, Dante In Brief 1/20/2013
91. Have Joyed In His Heaving Forth, Dante In Brief - A Tanka 1/20/2013
92. Here Come The Wild Birds Again - Poem For Painters & Poets 2/6/2013
93. Here's Breath For You - Upon Purchase & Buyer's Remorse - A Letter Poem To A Literature Professor 3/27/2011
94. History Before Was Brunch Ever 10/14/2012
95. History Of A Place, A Bombast, A Psalm In Voices Several 12/17/2009
96. Hog Beatitude #1 2/29/2016
97. Hog Which, Something, Is A Beginning - For Tom Gone Awandering Somewhat Shakespherical 8/2/2010
98. How Do You Make The Gorilla Com On Pocket God? - A Found Poem 2/27/2011
99. How It Was I Came To Be What I Am 12/10/2009
100. Hymn To Black Mouse 6/4/2012
101. I Am The Older Sister, And Ugly - A Lamentation In Response To A Gravestone, Gloucester, Massachusetts,1978 2/16/2016
102. I Can't Close My Eyes What Wings Also Are For 4/22/2013
103. I Have Some More Thoughts About Your Dreams Of Late 11/8/2012
104. I Once, Your Other Darkness 12/17/2011
105. I, Minimus, Decry - 1/26/2017
106. I, Minimus, Throw Pound For Pound To Pound & 'is Old Son - Paeons, Peons & Pissing 'pon The Century Xxth (Selections -new- 6/17/2017
107. I, Twitter Of Stillborn Falls, Stutteringly Remember In Cyber Chases 7/13/2010
108. Image Station 21 - To Wit - To Woo - To Wound - And Last: A Dissemblance For Robin Blaser & Meredith Quartermain, Borrowing A Theme From Strand, A Slant From Dickinson, A Haunting 12/4/2014
109. In Excelsis Deo - A Surrealist Carol For Madrigal Choir To Be Sung While Bathing 12/11/2010
110. In Excelsis Deo - Variation The Second Of A Surrealist Carol For Madrigal Choir To Be Sung While Bathing 2 12/26/2009
111. In Excelsis Deo - Variation The Third Of A Surrealist Carol For Madrigal Choir To Be Sung While Bathing 12/18/2015
112. In Excelsis Deo - Variations Of A Surrealist Carol For Madrigal Choir To Be Sung While Bathing 12/14/2011
113. Instead Of The Griffin Prize* All I Get Is The Griffin** Or What I Get For Reading Too Much Godd*mned Charles Bukowski - A Poem-In-Cheek 11/17/2012
114. Instead Of You Today One Black Mouse 1/7/2012
115. It Bears No Rhythm In It's Head - For Robin Blaser 6/3/2012
116. 'It's Not Night When I Do See Your Face' - Traces Metaphysical 3/9/2017
117. Jack Spicer Makes Me Weep This Morning 6/14/2012
118. Jive 45 - Celebrity, Not Glory, Wins The Land 3/7/2017
119. Journey Haiku 9/25/2010
120. Kahlo 6/13/2014
Best Poem of Warren Falcon

Autumn Haiku

Even from my front porch
the rusted sewing machine
yearns for golden thread.

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Delusion Of One

Born: Year of the Dragon.
Horoscope: 'Today's the lucky day.'

Luck, you say? O.K. Once. In a small town
on a snowy road, the scenery spinning round.
When it stopped you were pointing toward a good
place - Home. The message: Go back.
You can decide again to begin again
or stay warm there: Wombtown, population: 1.

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