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Warren Falcon Poems

121. In Excelsis Deo - Variation The Third Of A Surrealist Carol For Madrigal Choir To Be Sung While Bathing 12/18/2015
122. In Excelsis Deo - Variations Of A Surrealist Carol For Madrigal Choir To Be Sung While Bathing 12/14/2011
123. In Proximity Of Cedars, What Presents? - Circa 1978 10/7/2017
124. In The House Of Dead Skin On The Planet Purgatoria - Notes Elegiac Written During A Searing Illness 10/23/2017
125. In The Towers Are The Reproducers 3/7/2018
126. Inside My Father's Bomber Dream - After Richard Hugo 11/11/2017
127. Instead Of The Griffin Prize* All I Get Is The Griffin** Or What I Get For Reading Too Much Godd*mned Charles Bukowski - A Poem-In-Cheek 11/17/2012
128. Instead Of You Today One Black Mouse 1/7/2012
129. It Bears No Rhythm In It's Head - For Robin Blaser 6/3/2012
130. 'It's Not Night When I Do See Your Face' - Traces Metaphysical 3/9/2017
131. Jack Spicer Makes Me Weep This Morning 6/14/2012
132. Jive 45 - Celebrity, Not Glory, Wins The Land 3/7/2017
133. Journey Haiku 9/25/2010
134. Kahlo 6/13/2014
135. Kahlo-Christ Conjunctions - Sacrificed Flesh, Broken Bread, Emmaus Vision 2/3/2011
136. Kairos - For Spicer Who 'Told Me Not' 9/30/2012
137. Leave Taking, After Matsuo Basho, Circa 1978 1/7/2010
138. Leaving The Temple Haiku 10/1/2012
139. Llama Looks Up 9/2/2014
140. Loose Train Haiku #3 10/7/2012
141. Loose Train Haiku #4 10/7/2012
142. Loose Train Haiku #6 10/7/2012
143. Loose Train Haiku #9 10/7/2012
144. Loose Train Haiku Or Similar Or Almost > New York To Philly - A Train Journal 9/13/2010
145. Loose Train Haiku With Title #5 10/7/2012
146. Loose Train Hokku-No-Renga 10/7/2012
147. Lost Postcards From J. Alfred Prufrock 11/25/2014
148. Love, When You Biting Tear The Ear Of My Hearing Bear Me Then 3/26/2013
149. Lovers Jump To Death From Burning Building 2/10/2010
150. Making Things Right In Exile - After The Chinese Poet, Po Chui 772 - 846 Ce 6/20/2012
151. Marcabre Dance For A Dead Mouse, After Robert Burns And Theodore Roethke 12/30/2009
152. Memory Torques - Opening City 1/21/2012
153. Midnight In Dostoevsky 6/29/2013
154. Mimimus Explains The Pluribus Unum Thing 8/5/2010
155. Mimimus Lectures Himself - Pluribus Not Unus, Culpas Minor - Upon American Bards 8/4/2010
156. Minimalist Death Cyphers, A Meditation In Nine Rounds 3/7/2010
157. Minimus Flees 5/14/2016
158. Minimus Stuck - Fragment Abramic 10/30/2010
159. Misiva Para La Oscuridad Como Una Vocación, William Hawkins En Mente 12/11/2011
160. Missive For Darkness As Vocation, William Hawkins In Mind 12/10/2011

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Best Poem of Warren Falcon

David To Jonathan, A Lost Psalm Recovered, Recent Translation, Circa 1978

'And it came to pass...that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul...Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul. And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.'
- 1 Samuel 18: 1 - 4 King James Bible

The Lost Psalm

This ancient tonguing
betrays some fault
disdaining the human world -

which occurred first,
the birthing or the wounding?

Abjuring flesh of...

Read the full of David To Jonathan, A Lost Psalm Recovered, Recent Translation, Circa 1978

Ars Poetica Redux

Dying trees easily fall..
Poems, too, as they should.
Dead wood rots from which
One good poem may grow,
The better to hear in the higher
Branches, the creaking lower limbs.

Sequestering lovers late afternoon
Whisper. One is carving the bark,

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