Abdul Wahab Woman Poems

>≫≫≫Wonder Woman

Like a flower what a woman knows
Of her own essence that she holds
In her chest and in between her petals
What beauty and grace she spreads

Woman Ii

A woman is a pot
Holds all the things
With care and love
Which man makes

Phenomenal Woman

They do all understand
But when I ask them to tell me all
They either look down or shy away
And I say,


As rain is unimaginable without cloud
Same as with out fire there is no smoke

Man is not possible without women
Female is necessary to produce a male

Woman 5

Woman 5

On the day of woman I sit on the chair at the table
And think how to give their due rights

Woman 4

Paradise lies at the feet of a woman and she is my mother
I long for the face of a woman and she is my wife
And the woman on whose head I put my affectionate hand she is my sister
Now, if you insult them or come to deprive them their due rights

Woman 3


No one can abuse or hate a woman
If he who has someone to drink tea along with

Woman (Two)

Woman I am not
Yet I love to fight for their rights
For women they themselves could not better organize
Due to their being feeble and weak

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