Aditya Mudbhary

Rookie - 82 Points (December 16 - Still living / Patan, Nepal)

Aditya Mudbhary Poems

1. Night Of Love 6/14/2010
2. Thy Gods Art' 11/15/2010
3. The Tale Of Arcanamel (Part 1) 11/15/2010
4. Ego Te 11/24/2010
5. The Breeze Of Love 5/8/2011
6. New Found Destination 6/26/2012
7. Liberate 2/11/2014
8. Dew Drop Joy 6/22/2014
9. Flag Of My Father & The Sunshine Of Mom 10/18/2014
10. Thoughts On Invitation 12/15/2012
11. To A Lady's Confused Mind 2/24/2013
12. La Musique De Bonheur 11/12/2012
13. The Time Of The Spirits 2/9/2010
14. Eyes Of The Golden God 11/15/2010
15. The Love Chronicle 10/30/2009
16. The Suicide Song 10/30/2009
17. The World Empire 2/13/2010
18. Nightwish 11/18/2010
19. That's Life 8/6/2013
20. Dreamer 11/18/2009
21. Proposal 11/24/2009
22. Beyond The Door 1/17/2016
23. Age Of Loneliness 11/15/2010
24. Thy Ar'T Beautiful... 10/28/2009
25. Rose 10/11/2009
26. Into Paradise 9/28/2009
27. Ode To The Ocean 10/16/2009
28. Sweet Misery 9/28/2009
29. Ode To Mother Nature 10/12/2009
30. Ode On Winter 10/26/2009
31. Unexplainable Love 9/28/2009
32. Death Fear It Not 9/28/2009
Best Poem of Aditya Mudbhary

Death Fear It Not

As thine wake up to the winter misty morning,
With no sunlight,
Bright colorful flowers or the chirping birds singing their song,
The Feeling of death lurks within thy.

Close to thee, Thy see nothing,
Just fog and the gloomy atmosphere sing,
A close friend of old age comes and pays a visit to your fable feelings,
Although I tell thee, There is no need to be afraid.

Death makes angel's of us all,
And leads us a path of a new crawl,
Indifferent forms, Yes I tell thee,
But that's how nature works and that's how it wants to see.

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Sweet Misery

In a dream of the deepest thoughts of mine,
I could see a lady under the eyes of the stars,
Looking into my eyes as we dine'
In the finest of all love hours.

Her eyes shine like well polished hazel,
And her hair the tone of caramel brown,
The fairness of her beauty made her like a man made angel,
And therefore she wears my precious love crown.

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