Carl Browne

[Browny76] (18th February 1976 / Nottingham, England)

Poems of Carl Browne

1. Down The Aisle 3/2/2013
2. Everlasting Change in Me 3/2/2013
3. I Failed You 3/10/2013
4. Santa's Gift 3/2/2013
5. Stormy Weather 3/2/2013
6. Together Alone 3/10/2013
7. Wisely Listen 3/24/2013
8. Your Happiness 4/1/2013
9. Your Perfect Mum 4/1/2013

Santa's Gift

I once asked Santa for a gift, the best that he could find.
I wanted it to be beautiful, so sweet and very kind.

I wrote this in a letter, and so no one else could see.
I popped it in an envelope and placed it by the tree.

And in the morning when I woke, my present I did find.
A gift that was beautiful, so sweet and very kind.

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