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1. Honest Contemplations 12/7/2010
2. Love Binds, Selfishness Confines 12/14/2010
3. Attending Your Own Funeral 12/7/2010
4. Pain As A Catalyst For Faith 12/22/2010
5. From Solitude To Faith 12/27/2010
6. Man's Greatness 12/30/2010
7. Our Obligation To Seek The Truth 1/18/2011
8. True Happiness Resides From Within 1/19/2011
9. Destiny Versus Destination 1/24/2011
10. The Price To Reach Your Destination 1/19/2011
11. Believe And Do Not Bereave 12/21/2010
12. Love Emanates From Above 12/15/2010
13. That Girl Next Door, She's About A 4 11/20/2010
14. Your World Of Fear Can Disappear 12/16/2010
15. Who Will Share My Pain? 12/5/2010
16. My World Of Silence 1/5/2011
17. Searching For That Special One 11/20/2010
18. A Soul's Journey 12/10/2010
19. Girl Of My Dreams 12/20/2010
20. Turning Hope Into Happiness 12/6/2010
21. A Lesson From Heaven Through The Agency Of A Cockroach 11/20/2010
22. Give Me Your Hand 11/20/2010
23. Post A Poem Here, Read All About It 11/20/2010
24. A Soul's Choice To Rejoice 12/30/2010
25. The Wings Of Imagination 12/5/2010
26. An Aching Heart 11/28/2010
27. Love Heals All Wounds 11/29/2010
28. Shamed -Haiku 12/1/2010
29. Skydiving Gone Wrong -Haiku 12/2/2010
30. My Love Is Your Eternity 12/2/2010
31. Priceless Time -Haiku 12/5/2010
32. People Of The Book 12/8/2010
33. Give Peace A Chance 12/6/2010
34. How To Gain From Our Pain 12/23/2010
35. Sincere Prayer -Haiku 11/21/2010
36. Resist 11/21/2010
37. Over Before It Started -Haiku 11/23/2010
38. In The Name Of Science -Haiku 11/23/2010
39. Love Is Infectious -Haiku 11/23/2010
40. Fighting G-D's Battles -Haiku 11/23/2010

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The Power Of Speech

It is almost one of the best kept secrets, I would say
so few know of its power, thinking it to be far far away
but this power of speech, a power which is always passed on
leaves its lasting impressions, even after you are long gone

The world we live in, created with a molecular structure
articulating sound, our speech now meets this juncture
power of speech, although emanating from a thought
impacts on everything around us, and this we wrought

'Think good and it will be good', it's not just a saying
we really don't realize this power, our words are ...

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Lonely But Not Alone

To all the lonely people, I must relate
My heart is heavy, because of your fate
I, too, much like you, held that emptiness for a few
But as time wore on, the answer I knew

The story is the same, for a thousand will claim
That special one, into their life did they come
And when time past and they had their fill
You Lonely soul were the one to spill

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