RoseAnn V. Shawiak Baseball Poems

Baseball Game

Shadowy clouds sliding slowly across stormy skies,
covering the sun, closing it's eyes above a baseball
game in Peoria.

At A Baseball Game

Noticing every little sound and image as a baseball
game participates without me.
Hearing bats crack as players hit balls, crowds
screaming into thin, cooled air without a trace of

A Policemen's Baseball Game

Oblivious to all around who are being disciplined, a little puppy insists on trying to pick up a softball in his little baby puppy mouth.
Laughing joyfully, I sit up on the bleachers, watching this hilarious bit of natural comedy.
It didn't need a comedian or a script, it was just one of life' funny moments to enjoy while it was happening.
Years later to remember with laughter, filling my mind.

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