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Lost and alone, thoughts at a distance, heart heavy
with sorrow.

Touched deeply by your life, not wanting to let go,

Spring is here, yet winter has not left us.
It's a time for blossoms to come forth - but they are freezing
from the cold.
Look out a window and see the bright sun shining everywhere,

Men lament that they have no time to do things
needed being done.

Yet, they sit wasting time, watching T.V. for

Leaves, branches, trees waving good-bye to me
and playing a beautiful symphony with the
gentle breeze.

Quietly whispering tunes in imagination,
letting them flow outward into snow-filled memories,
sliding across on a sled big enough to hold all six
of us sisters.

Tar sucking in warm rays of the sun.
Ivy crawling and clinging closely to a wire fence.
Brick buildings standing, feet apart, looking over the streets.
Flowers shooting out their beautiful colors to passers-by.

Looking through tears of a lifetime,
looking out of fear, seeing inside
that being with God is so precious.

Languid, solo, nothing to limit or set up obstructions in this brain for it's always open and absorbing every note into a photographic memory.

Music now beginning to rush and charge quietly into the night, leaving no room for sadness or sorrow for a positive placating feeling eases all stress and turmoil.

Scratching at the surface, watching for signs of innate life, still alive and realigning itself with all new properties and designs, fitting themselves into patterns.

Seeing all the depths being fathomed in formulas and equations, becoming particles of a new energy, being assembled inside my mind and being.

Answers of life cannot be found in talking with others,
only there will you avoid these truths.

Rambling of voices, searching for wisdom does not bring

Watching the Presidential Inauguration from a couch in
middle America's livingroom, tears swelling from my
heart in patriotic pride.

Life of mind so green and tender, sprouting with a freshness of purity.
Not a thought of ugliness, nor of barren wasteland, could conjure long enough inside.
Ringing freely are dancing bells caught by flying laughter all around.
Blazing fire with no smoke curls upward and out of sight.

Rights of all people are undermined by luxury and riches,
there is no possible reconciliation of the poor and rich.

We lament poverty while doing nothing to make it extinct.

Lonely hearts, roaming across plains filled with desert sands,
drying tears as they form in sandstorms of life.
Gathering crystals to form an oasis along the way,
giving respite at times to those in need.

Scattered throughout nighttime skies, watching ideas soar.
Thoughtful interludes giving an essence of beauty as they
coagulate tenderly in affectionate spheres of music.
Successfully tracing all of nature into etchings of a mind

Disappearing into the sunset, no one to miss me, no one bothering
to look for me, a non-existent entity with no where to go, hiding
right out in the open yet no one sees me here.

Sunlight shining on the right, insisting on being seen,
wanting to be written into a poem, showing it's strength
and power through the mind of this mere poet.

Wordlessly collapsing against blank walls, images
come to life instantly in a blink of the mind.

Becoming the creative force of writing incessantly,

RoseAnn V. Shawiak Biography

Sure do miss all of you, haven't had a computer or internet for quite some time, am using a friend's computer right now, hope in the near future to get back to PoemHunter and all of my favorite poets here! I have never stopped writing at all through it all though! Have 970 books written and ready to be published. Will be getting a website before too much longer - publishing site with all my books on it. I do write 123 poems a day or more to music, will put them on here once I get things situated. Take care keep writing, I look forward to reading everyone's poetry and commenting once again! My book, A Bereaved Poet has been published here in the U.S. and is doing very well here in Phoenix, Arizona, it is in it's fourth printing! . Wishing to thank everyone for reading so many of my poems each and every day, you are the reason I am on this site! Would greatly appreciate any comments you may have on my poetry, they are always a learning experience.)

The Best Poem Of RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Life's Black Curtains

Lost and alone, thoughts at a distance, heart heavy
with sorrow.

Touched deeply by your life, not wanting to let go,
yet knowing I must.

In my heart forever, indelibly printed on my soul,
etched in memory's mind.

Touched frequently by the tears of your loss, trying
to hold them as tiny reminders of what we used to have.

They disappear, never become tangible so I may keep them
like a treasure of your love.

With love, I will remember you all my life, for you are
a part and parcel of what we had.

Sharing now that you are no longer here is difficult - I
hear only the constant echoes of your silence.

Walking away from our favorite places, I leave a little
of self behind each time - soon there will be nothing
left of me.

Wanting to reach out and grasp again what we once had
is an empty gesture, filled with pain and emptiness,
because you are not here to reach out to me.

Our relationship on earth will never be, it has been
severed by death's insistence in our lives.

Listening to you with my heart, seeing your reply in
the salted tears that continue to fall.

Your life was called and you answered fully, not leaving
anything behind.

Our story is not over as long as I still remember you with

Taking down the black curtains, life is still being lived
on earth.

RoseAnn V. Shawiak Comments

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Richard Beevor 25 May 2014

Hi Roseann thanks for the comment on A voice calls, sadly for me the interpretation may take me a long while to work out, sometimes things leave my head before I think about them haha, this one was written sometime ago maybe when I was in my 20s but I have the feeling it was my reference to man turning from God and God retaliating, sounds lofty I know but I'm a much more simple person than what's in my head and I talk to much when I write as you can tell now haha.

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Shobana Gomes 28 April 2014

I thought your poem about the 43rd President was meaningful and had a beautiful message of hope.

4 19 Reply
Richard Beevor 26 May 2014

I love travelling in style, lovely work

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Rubab Atwal 18 January 2014

Poet RoseAnn V. Shawiak is a very talented poet who has immensely motivating, inspiring and encouraging poems And her poems might be short yet very powerful all with beautiful imagination and wonderfully expressed..wish you all the best..

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Dr Dillip K Swain 06 October 2022

Many happy returns of the day dear poetess

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 October 2022

A Very Happy BirthDAY, dear RoseAnn!

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Kim Barney 06 October 2022

Happy birthday, RoseAnn!

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Paul Amrod 12 July 2020

Hi RoseAnn I am an American poet from Germany and admire your vitality and prolific Nature. Leave your critiques behind you and simply enjoy your marvelous writing. Yours truly, Paul Amrod

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Lweuj Wepti 21 June 2019

NOW I'LL ADD MY 'two............Or three....> > > > > > > > I had my first smartphone verbal exchange with RoseAnn nowadays; i'm hoping it isn't always my ultimate. I stated: that is Brian Whitaker (that is my REAL name) . She said: 'is this another telemarketer?

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RoseAnn V. Shawiak Quotes

God is very holy within, it is I who keep tarnishing Him.

Whatever will be, cannot be known until it is. That is the tremendous burden of being human.

I am who I am, until I am not.

I'm not interested, I'll just listen.

I am going to continue living as I die, no sense in wasting the time of my life!

No one wants to be bored by knowledge belonging to another, but written into a poem it becomes a wisdom to be acknowledged.

Our minds always move the quill in the silence of our thoughts.

Life may be a bowl of cherries, but it sure has a lot of pits! ! !

I receive more from the positiveness of my being than through the negativity of other people.

Time nurtures. Spending money wastes moments of time that could have been spent in loving and nurturing your children.

When playing the piano the white keys bring happy memories to mind, black keys portray sadness. Yet when played together they are bittersweet memories of music touching our hearts.

No matter what road we travel there will always be someone more unfortunate than ourselves.

Solving life's pain through the experience of our hearts

There is truthfully only one way to find true love in life and that is to give of it yourself.

Truth is the light of the world, yet we deny it and continue to live in the darkness of lies.

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