Francis Duggan Dogs Poems

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

You've heard of the old saying let sleeping dogs lie
Which in another way put means leave old grudges die
Do not harbour old grudges for as long as you live
You may not forget but you sure can forgive


The men with guns and dogs on sunday are hunting sambar deer
And the loud cracks of their rifles on the high woodlands I hear
And then the hills are silent and the only living sound
Is the magpie piping on stringybark upon the higher ground.

Your Dogs

For their unconditional love all from you they do need
Is a walk every day a few pats and a feed
Than your dogs you do not have a truer friend
Dogs love you for who you are they could never pretend

Dogs Are So Honest

Dogs are so honest they cannot pretend
And than your dog you have not a greater friend
For as long as your dog lives your dog will love you
Dogs to their favourite human friends are always true

Suppose Dogs To Their Feelings

Unconditional love is such a wonderful thing
And of it's praises i always feel happy to sing
But amongst human beings it is so very rare
I am only saying here of what most are aware

He Battles His Dogs Of Despair

The years have left him looking gray
And he has known a far better day
Around his balding head he has lost more hair
As he battles his dogs of despair.

Only Two Duhallow Dogs

Peader's Prize trained in Kanturk By James Manley and Pats Newdown owned and trained by Dan Halloran of Knocknagree
Remain as the only Duhallow dogs to claim outright victory
In the North Cork Cup in the Town Park in Millstreet Town
I was there on the days that they raced to renown


Unconditional love your dogs to you does give
All the days of their lives for as long as they live
If you treat him or her well your dog will love you till the day he or she die
Your dog faithful and non-judgemental and this is not a lie

The Cape Hunting Dogs Of Africa

They run for hours on end each day through grasses gray and brown
Race antelope to a stand still and drag big zebra down
Outlast the speedy wildebeest their victims die in pain
Those amazing cape hunting dogs the hunters of the plain.

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