Francis Duggan Enemies Poems

It Is My Enemies Who Rule Me

Our Government from terrorists say they will protect us yet all they seem to do is broadcast fear
To stay in power they prey on the voters phobias and negativity pays for them it does appear
They tell us who to like and who to dislike and they tell us who should be our friend and foe
And the gullible voters do vote into parliament the people whose thinking does belong to years ago

We Are Better Off Without Enemies

We are better off without enemies and we do need every friend
This is how it is why otherwise pretend
Since negative energy directed against you for you not a good thing
Of the praises of such you will not hear many sing

My Enemies Within

For years i have searched for my enemies only to find
That they are hiding from me in the confines of my mind
And they will remain with me until the day i die
If i did tell you otherwise then that would be a lie

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