Bijay Kant Dubey Environment Poems

Deep Ecology, Environment Not, Ecology

Going deep into the wilds and forest tracts
Want I to feel the harmony
Of Nature,
Of variegated wilds,

Relationship Between Literature And Environment

Environment and literature which forms a major part, a major crux of ecocriticism, ecocritical studies tells of our approach, our attitude, the way we take to, enter into taking into consideration, the present state of things, when we are ridden, confronted with environmental concerns and seem to be grappling with seriously as no literature can be literature if the existential matters are not addressed, averted and avoided and so the thematic of it bringing to our fore, to our notice the concern, the angst and bewilderment of the age.

How to get rid of environmental anxiety, climate change, global warming, acid rain to patter, atomic summer to take a drastic toll with radio-active radiation, how to fight them back, ho to set the clock of the earth right, how to feel the pulse? We are really disturbed, something gnaws us internally.

Literature And Environment

What to do with a distraught environment,
a distraught ecology,
what to do,
do with a devastated state

Man And Environment

Since when did we get eco-centric?
Man and environment, how to speak it about
The connection?
A part of Nature, what to say it about?

Eco-Poetry, Poetry, Ecology And Environment

Poetry ecology-friendly,
Poetry environment-friendly,
Poetry voicing the concerns
Sounded by scientists,

I is not important,
What it is, is the earth,
Green earth
Full of greenery

The Ecology And The Environment

What will it be to the planet,
The green earth and its habitants
If we care it not,
Where are we going to,

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