Literature And Environment Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Literature And Environment

What to do with a distraught environment,
a distraught ecology,
what to do,
do with a devastated state
when life seems to be at stake,
when acid rain, global warming, atomic summer
seem to be threatening our existence,
adding to our woes, cares and anxiety
maligning the self?

Literature and environment are but, we need to know, are
complimentary to each other
and either of the two
cannot have a sole existence
as they are interdependent
Which but we could not think it about

and we cannot without each other, this is because
the environment has a major role to play
which but any literature ever written in the world
will corroborate it as a part of it.

Green earth, ecology and environment
occasion the way
we take to
as for grappling with life-matters
in the world we live in
for a sustainable development.

Even if we write satires,
the draughts of fresh crystal clear waters
at the springs,
we cannot negate it take
as to quech thirst,
but those times had been different
when man thought in terms of progress and development
but now the situation is almost changed it now.

Now how to keep it green,
keeping in mind this greenery, greening and greenization,
the green man as the talk of ours,
thinking in terms of
green environment, green ecology, green earth,
balancing with reasonably?

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