Dr John Celes Expectations Poems

Sonnet: God’s Expectations From Men

The first and best of things belong to God;
The Maker wants to test our love for Him;
God’s expectations aren’t something quite odd;
When we do so, He keeps our life more trim.


Expect the unexpected throughout your life;
Expect surprises too in earthly stay;
Expect the possible to not occur;
Expect impossible things to happen.

God’s Expectations

Does God ask you to blindly pray?
Does God want you to only toil?
Does God tell that you act senseless?
God expects you to be quite wise!

Sonnet: God’s Expectations Are Simple

No doubt, the Rose’s a beautiful flower,
And truthfully displays its fragrance sweet;
The Rose’s Rose, no matter what color!
But canker-blooms too appear, sweet and neat.

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