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eighth child and second son of father (late) Shri.A.T.Antoniswami M.A., L.T., of Trichy(retd Teacher and Naval officer) and mother Mrs.Stella Thangamarie of Trichy(house-wife) was born on Valentine's day of 1957 at Coimbatore of devout Roman Catholic Tamilian parents ...

Dr John Celes Poems

Sonnet: A Lost Friendship

You were my friend then: now almost stranger!
Our friendship appeared once very glorious;
What happened meantime, gives me great anger;
Our friendship no longer remains serious.

Sonnet: Respect

Respect your elders all if they deserve;
Respect your servants too who you well serve;
Respect your father for tilling the soil;
Respect your mother for her love and toil.

Romantic Love

Love is not of minds alone;
Love is not of hearts that yearn;
Love is not of bodies entwined;
Love is more than the finest wine!

Sonnet: On School-Life

First day we stepped into a school was great-
In uniform with school-bag, looking cute!
We could not walk or run and had a slate;
We learnt to read and write and be not mute.

Sonnet: The Magic Of Poverty

A birth in poverty is luck supreme!
A death in poverty, a great blessing;
A life of poverty is rare a dream;
Achievements great, stark poverty can bring.

Dr John Celes Comments

I feel proud of Dr John`s profound knowledge and amazing ability to handle the variety themes with mastery of diction.His innumerable works on GOD and SPIRITUALITY remind me whether John Donne and George Herbert are back alive again through him to recreate the Metaphysical poetry.I am not a believer and so I would like to request Dr John to ponder over those themes which are quite human too..

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Rajaram Ramachandran 02 March 2008

I agree with what Raul Castelan has stated about your goodself, Dr. John Celes. Also I am glad to see your first rank among all the Indian Poets. You should reach still greater heights in this forum world over. God bless you, my dear friend.

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Raul Castelan 23 June 2007

From what I've read so far, I think this poet deserves so much from us. I think that he shall be read in the centuries to come. I so much see a world where his poetry will be talked about in the classrooms. I see that he holds diction, rhyme, elegance, and wisdom in his poetry. Let me not forget detail too. He is a true lover of God that makes me wonder how the Lord shall receive him when he leaves us from this world. I only am sad that I hadn't heard of his poetry earlier than I should have. Anyway, I see brilliance also in his poetry. He holds no objections to any subjects that comes his way. I admire a poet that does that. I am a lover of poetry that has read so many poems. I have found another CREATIVE POET to talk about to my friends. I am fond of writers that are diverse, and I see that in this poet. His attitude towards every living thing is what really entices me to read some more of his poetry. He has a way with his pen, and he has a way with his thoughts. Delightful, are the words he uses in his poems. I am glad to have come across his poetry because I have been touched by it. Well, I've said so much about this PROFOUND POET that I don't think I've left anything out. GOD BE WITH HIM AND HIS FAMILY TOO! ! !

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John Tatum 12 February 2014

This is a lovely poem by Dr. John.... :)

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Molaire Jules 12 June 2007

A Doctor and a Poet. Great Job! !

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tanisha sethi 20 November 2020

can anyone please analyze the poem for me please

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Tanisha Sethi 17 November 2020

can u guys please give a brief explaination of these poem please it for my assignment

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Rajesh 25 August 2019

a fffaaaabuuulous poem never heard such a fantastic poem in my life

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ankit 25 August 2019

nice poem keeep it up mr Dr A celestine

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Lweuj Wepti 21 June 2019

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