RoseAnn V. Shawiak Expectations Poems

Beyond Life's Expectations

Enticing melodies churning inside, relegating tonal
qualities to strands of longevity in twists of fate.
Beleaguering destiny with hopeful calls and wisps of
candle flames rising above life, tempting images of


Wandering through short-cuts on our way
to expectations of life.

Seeing visions, apparently questioning

World Of Expectations

Music energetically enlivening intellect, bringing positive aspects
to light, delving into their results that need to be explored, met
and combined with reality.

Giving Expectations

Particular in many ways, always wanting to write
and be alone to think about many thoughts hiding
within my mind.

Waiting For Expectations

Striding alongside one another through this earthly life,
living and loving, never really expecting anything, just
happy when we are fulfilled through our love and sharing.

Open To Expectations And Needs

Lyrics entering poetical realms, showing rhythms beating
steadily within my mind, strenuous and enlightening, giv-
ing an understanding of this heart in serenity.

Giving Life Expectations, Making A Difference

Silence quietly, softly, enfolding passion within my being,
trusting in the beauty of a sacred holiness that is being
shone from within.

Hoping To Find Expectations Of A Lifetime

Mind resting upon pedestals looking into caverns and
ravines, hoping to find expectations of a lifetime
being relived in the excitement of another rhythmic

Dreams Of Expectations

Filling with emotion, letting it rise within, testing the
insistence of it's intensity.

Something is running around this mind, keeping and looking

Living Through Expectations

Ripping and tearing memories with shards of tears, letting
them flow endlessly into this heart.

Full of crystal drops, heart so heavy, that it cannot hold

Results Of Expectations

Lack of knowledge leads some to fall for anything along paths
of their lives, others attain reasons for believing in any-
thing that comes into their lives.

Raising Expectations

Quietly rehearsing tokens of love in solitary moments of peace.
Placing faith in the agility of music as it placates my mind's

False Expectations

Not liking pretend loves for they're false, taking away true feelings dishonestly within what could've been what we both yearned for.

Never seeming to come into bonds of love, always being turned away, false expectations drowning what once was felt for you, no more love songs coming from me to you.

Expectations Of Tomorrow

Mirrors shining reflections of what I'm thinking of,
showing expectations of tomorrow's common aspects.
Forgiving the impressions that appear in sequences,
following unpredictable patterns.

Feeling Silent Expectations

Honesty shining brightly in the atmosphere above
where silver wings glide across skies of heaven.

Looking upon earth with a smile of friendliness,

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