Francis Duggan Feelings Poems

Of Your Feelings On Human Rights

Of your feelings on human rights never leave others in doubt
Of wrongs against others one ought to speak out
To those who abuse others rights let your feelings be known
Them for their behaviour you ought to disown

Feelings Of Dislike To Hatred Can Grow

Feelings of dislike to hatred can lead that's something we all do know
But such feelings are of no use to you so why not let them go
An eye for an eye is not a good idea since that does not change a thing
'Tis not the praises of revenge and it's dark ways that we should feel glad to sing

Love Of Many Feelings

Love that is quickest to bloom is often fastest to die
This can often be a fact and fact never lie
And love in full bloom as a feeling is a beautiful thing
And to the minds of those in love such joy it does bring

The One Who Deliberately Hurt Your Feelings

The one who deliberately hurt your feelings will never become your friend
Since words can be quite hurtful and deeply offend
You may be one the insulting one willing to forgive
But the mental hurt you will never forget for as long as you will live

Losing On The Feelings

Losing on the feelings can be rather tough
You gave it your best try though not quite good enough
You may not have proved yourself in your big test
But you need not feel sorry since you gave it your best

Feelings Of Bitterness And Resentment

Some people i do not like and they do not like me
Suppose this is the way that we are meant to be
But i cannot bring myself to hating anyone
Despite any wrong to me they may have done

Of The Feelings Of Others

Of the feelings of others one ought to feel aware
Sometimes before speaking some thought you might spare
On the consequences of what you are about to say
There are many occasions on which prudence does pay

Suppose Dogs To Their Feelings

Unconditional love is such a wonderful thing
And of it's praises i always feel happy to sing
But amongst human beings it is so very rare
I am only saying here of what most are aware

Our Feelings As Such

Our feelings as such are not made out of steel
And when they are hurt the mental hurt we do feel
Fot quite a long time in some cases for years
By insults people have been reduced to tears

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