Francis Duggan Grandmother Poems

Johnny's Irish Grandmother

His Irish grandmother she told him of her childhood she grew up in the days of the Black and Tan
And her father was an Irish freedom fighter and by the British was a wanted man
She was fifteen when the civil war was raging when Irishmen against each other fought
A civil war that was caused by partition and death and sorrow to old Ireland brought.

Her Grandmother Came From Cullen

By the church on the hill some of her ancestors lay
In the old Cullen graveyard so far, far away
In Cullen they lived and in Cullen they died
And their descendants have travelled the World far and wide.

The Ageing Grandmother Next Door

A woman in her early fifties she says she is done with men forever more
Since her husband left her for one younger the ageing grandmother next door
Anti ageing creams she does not use her shoulder length hair is a natural gray
She does not wish to make herself attractive for the male kind i am what you see she does say

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