Francis Duggan İmmortality Poems

The Myth Of Immortality

The myth of immortality by proof has been destroyed
The most influential people we have known about have died
Once the World's greatest army was led by Genghis Khan
Until the reaper claimed him he was a mortal man.

Immortality For Any Human Being

Immortality for any human being is surely a lie
The longer we live the sooner we die
There is a last night and last day for us all
To the scythe of the Reaper we eventually must fall

Immortality Is Not For Mortals

I am not well known wealthy and famous though I thought I might be a poet
But it looks like for me that too won't happen I'll never be worthy of note
But in the end does it really matter since we are life forms born to die
The sparrow who chirps on the hedgerow is no less a mortal than I.

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