RoseAnn V. Shawiak Longing Poems

A Longing To Fly

Listening to the roar of jets flying over the building
causes a yearning, a longing to go flying.

Wanting to be up in the sky, looking at clouds, imagining

Longing For Old America

Tackling moments of a corrupt government, wondering
what to do to keep freedom alive and live the way I
want to, and not the way some evil, corrupt person
says I must.

Longing Being Quenched

Reacting to fast-paced rhythms of Lennard
Skinner, rolling along and having fun with
it's tempo.

Longing To Be Held - Never Again

Tenderly being held in a long lost melody, its rhythm
filled with the sweetest of memories that have enlivened
this life with so many aspiring inspirations.

Longing For An Evening

Sliding through the sunlit day, mind filtering thoughts like
clouds do the sun.

Regulating musical rhythms that insist on dancing in my head,

Longing For Another Moment

Drenched in sorrow, feeling very low,
wanting to disappear and become totally

Longing Of Belonging

Sanctioning purposes throughout this day, giving such
pleasure in writing, barely being interrupted the
entire day.

Longing For Life

Longing Tempos

Longing seeks it's comfort zone, searching everywhere
for the object of it's desire.
Finding admiration for many unknown objects, unseen
before this simple journey.

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