Dr. Antony Theodore Mystical Poems

Mystical Contemplation Is A Pure Gift Of God.

Human intellect alone
is inadequate to reach
the pedestals of wisdom itself.

Faith in God is higher and perfect
than all knowledge.
Mystical experience becomes
valuable only in the

The Voiceless Mystical Song.

There exists a common beat
between all hearts.
It is the one voiceless mystical song
our hearts want to sing.

Mystical Union Remains Always A Mystery.

The mystical union
is affected by God himself.
One can only clear
the way of obstacles

Such A Call Is Divine Mystical Call.

Reading the teachings
of the Fathers,
holy scriptures
of the world religions,

The Innate Mystical Sense Of The Poets

Poets intuitively recognize
the suggestive qualities
of the symbols
and their links with truth.

Mystical - Intuition

We should
ask the essential
question "Who am I? "

Mystical Union

God and the soul becomes
one single here,
one single now.

The Effect Of Sacred And Mystical Poems

The effect of sacred
and devotional music
or amystical poem
is like that of a pebble

Human Love Ends Up In Mystical Union With God.

The ultimate desire
for love which is
the greatest desire
of all real lovers

Mystical - Contemplation

All those who follow Christ
symbolically ‘put on'
Christ at their baptism.

Every Love Is A Mystical Experience.

Every love is a mystical experience.

Love wants to go further.
It does not just want

Symbols In Mystical Poetry

Symbols in poetry are a means
of simple communication.
It achieves a higher purpose.
It deepens our awareness.

Music And Poems In Mystical Truths.

The mixed metaphors
and contradictory
expressions one
finds in mystical

It Is The Consummation Of The Mystical Formation

The image of God
is potentially
complete and whole
in every individual soul.

Desiring For The Consummation Of The Mystical Formation

A christian mystic‘s theology
and anthropology
are synthesized in his
incarnational Christology.

In A Mystical Union

God - and the unity
of God with the soul
is so complete as to seem
incredible, since He is so

The Mystical Experience Isunrelated To Reason

Does the mystical experience
admit of any doubt?

The answer is yes and no.

Mystical Thinking Is Not Counter To The Aristotelian Logic.

Mystical thinking is not counter
to the Aristotelian logic of Thomism.

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