Dr. Antony Theodore Poems

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If You Die Before Me

If you die before me
I would jump down into your grave
and hug you so innocently
that angels will become jealous.

I Am Your Baby, Mum

I am your baby Mum.
I did not come on my own Mum.
God's angels flew down to your womb
from the mighty heavens

Beautiful Butterfly

In a beautiful butterfly,
Your face comes so true to me.

Through a pretty butterfly

Sleep In The Arms Of God

On the banks of Ganges
I sat in a serene and sombre mood
Looking at the playful water
as the wind like a great artist

Heaven Is Not A Place

Heaven is not a place
It is a happening.
It happens in you and me.

God Knows.... A Simple Prayer

God knew that I need someone
To keep as a treasure in my heart.
Someone who is so true
Fine and caring.

Jesus Is Beyond All Religions

Jesus is not a Christian
Jesus is not a Hindu
Jesus is not a Muslim
Jesus is not a Buddhist

Chick Became An Eagle

Beyond the world of the skies
in unending heights
there lives Love
in the high holy temple.

In Twinkling Delight

The soft moonbeams
fell in love with the earth.

I see in my dreams,

Beautiful Dreamer

Walk down to me
Beautiful dreamer.
Collect the dewdrops
On a smoothy leaf,

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