RoseAnn V. Shawiak Nostalgic Poems

Nostalgic Creations

Walking across desert sands as I contemplate puzzles of life,
reaching within to collate what mosaics I'm thinking about,
giving me spaces to create nostalgic new forms of ideals just
thought of.

Feeling Nostalgic In India

Slowly walking down midnight memories, letting them saturate
my being, feeling nostalgic, watching them spread across
acres of intellect.

Somber, Nostalgic Thoughts

Waves of music flow across the dance floor engulfing everyone
in their peaceful and soothing rhythms as people dance, keep-
ing step and pace all through the night.

A Nostalgic Journey

Rhythmic beats flowing from an excellent band, playing volumes of rock, sending us on nostalgic journeys through good old memories.
Youngsters coming out, dancing to the music of uplifting candor, tiny tots flowing into the rhythms of yesterday, piloting intense steps in time with every beat.

Nostalgic Feeling

Music of yesterday's Italian melodies playing with steady
beats and tempos, giving this heart a nostalgic feeling
spent with family when younger.

Nostalgic Scents

Taking a walk to shores of a river bank, wanting to sit
and watch water flow by, taking stress and turmoil away
with it.

Nostalgic Aromas

Using make-shift patterns left over from yesterday,
wanting to add a nostalgic aroma to something old
and tested from the past.

Nostalgic Love

Nostalgic songs filtering into my mind, reminding
me of yesterday.
Tears begin falling inside, flowing through my
heart, touching my soul from long ago, filled with

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