RoseAnn V. Shawiak Teasing Poems

Teasing Rhythms

Mind swimming in another direction, not able to abide slow-paced rhythms.

So happy that they have picked up speed, heart gaining energy naturally.

Music's Teasing Melodies

Lively action kicking up, giving everyone fits of laughter as they listen and clap to beats of rhythms being sung to delicate and fun music.

Stirring up a total amount of teasing melodies, riding their measures, moving into the night, not quitting or being tarnished at all, touching and reckoning with a sexy song.

Quiet Teasing

Reflection of trees beckoning to this poet to join
them in silent morning breezes, leaves gently wav-
ing, bringing a smile to this mind.

Teasing Melody

Running into a teasing melody, rocking us all in a wonderful
way, nothing can interfere with it, for we're having way too
much fun tonight.

Mystery - Filled Taunting And Teasing

Awakening in the middle of a dream, yet not really awake,
knowing and thinking of what was being seen and said in a
dream of imaginational reality that stayed in this mind.

Love Teasing

Sashaying down paths of life, touching upon our love,
wanting to be with you forever, finding melodies that
bring us closer together.

Teasing Into Meaning

Entering intense sights of feelings and emotions where
my mind can touch and write them into poems.

Sudden deliberate thoughts penetrating every aspect of

Teasing Senses

Stillness of morning falls gently upon this mind as
nature beckons silently and vibrantly within, teasing
senses with sights of beauty.

Teasing Thoughts

Dangling from neurons and synapses, thoughts teasing,
enticing intellect to capture and use them in entirely
new and different ways.

Teasing, Yet Wanting

Shivering with excitement when you reach for me,
wanting to draw me close to your body.

Pulling back, trying to escape, teasing, yet

Gentle Teasing

Century plants stretching their arms heavenward,
trying to poke the sky with their pointed fingers,
jarring the universe with gentle teasing from earth.

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