Bijay Kant Dubey Writers Poems

Those who have just begun to write
Are also calling themselves poets and poetesses
And this embarrasses us most,
Baffles us most.

Indian English verse, though we call it English,
But is not,
Sans Englishness
Is Indian verse in English,


My question is,
Is P.Lal's Writers Workshop, Calcutta
The credo and anthology
Of modernism

Many Of Us Are Good Writers, But Do Not Want To Show

This too is a fact
Which but you cannot deny it
And had they,
They would have been great writers

The first poem writers of Indian English verse
Pressurize upon
To call them poets and poetesses
Which but I am opposed to it vehemently,

You will smile if you see the collections
Brought earlier by P.Lal
And those of the modern poets,
Just a few pages,

The history of Indian English poetry demonstrates it well
The first-poem writers and first-book publishers
Are the poets and poetesses of it
Self-published, self-proclaimed,

The first-poem writers too call themselves
Poets and poetesses
Here into the arena
Of Indian English verse,

The First-Poem Writers Of Indian English Poetry

The first poem writers of Indian English poetry
They too know it
That they are
Going to end up

Writers Workshop, Calcutta by P.Lal
Is a factory
Of poets and poetesses,
Commoners, non-poets, poetasters and rhymers

Those who have written a bit they are moving to foreign
As for overseas teaching assignments,
Guiding researches in India,
Getting awards and prizes from the Govt.,

O, gentleman what do you think yourself?
Said he in rsponse to my question,
Hey, you Wordsworth

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