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Tie me to a chair with ribbons
Patent leather lead-lined shoes
With a white glove hold my chin
Fully knowing my mind I’ll lose

On my last day as me on earth
The things that mean the very most
When all together will expand
No further than my own two hands

With the suicidal state I was in
You should have stayed and been my friend
Instead you thought of just yourself
And hit the door and were selfish

Through a thin veil
There is a light
That is so pure
That is so white

Limbo Life in Limbo Land
Time stands still and nothing changes
Grains of sand aren’t rearranging

Chilling crystal clear blue coldness
Such a perfect still like snowflake
Crisp and sharp don’t feel a thing
Weightless body sprouting wings

Strapped with thick leather belts
With the head metal gear
Chains that rise to the skies
Storms that moan and groan

Just follow the line
The center red line
The directions made easy
For the dimmest of minds

I well deserve
What I’ve received
I should have left
Last century

Testing room
Testing time
See my breathe
Testing voice


I wake up in the night
It’s a black 3 a.m.
I clutch at my chest
Cause the pain that I’m in

He stayed in their house
To be near to his wife
She had died long ago
They vowed married for life

It's taken me almost half a century to realize that I've been mistaken
mistaken about what I had accepted as one of life's most painful, sad realities
the inevitable struggle inherent to all who are part of the human race
Traveling through the labyrinth I remembered something from my childhood

Staring straight over top of my white knuckles now
A surreal movie scene in my head round and round
Just a flick of my wrist and my car would go reeling
Straight into a tree trunk so that’s how I’m dealing

Reaching out for someone
I unfold all my fingers
Stretching one at a time
Not a single expectation




Sleeping completely forever
Just dreaming
Not feeling
Or hurting

One most life altering thing to remember
An obsession to embrace not ignore
Is to be extraordinarily careful
Who or what you invite through your door

It worms its way into my dreams
With it's noxious fluid that seeps into my mind's cracks
Waves of vertigo that drive me down and down again

A.E.J. Jordan Biography

Born and raised in the state of Michigan and then moved to Ohio when I was a teenager. In the past I mainly wrote in a corporate environment. Now, I write purely as a form of therapy and self expression. Everything I write is from my own personal experiences.)

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Tie Me To A Chair

Tie me to a chair with ribbons
Patent leather lead-lined shoes
With a white glove hold my chin
Fully knowing my mind I’ll lose

Watch your mouth while it is moving
Words that do not make a sound
Plant a sweet smile on my sore face
Aching chest that beats and pounds

The enthralled look on my face
Would convince the most astute
Whilst in my head I’m like a rag doll
Stiffly walking in wooden boots

If I stay here any longer
I will certainly bash your face
Gladly breaking bones and teeth
Blood drops flying into space

I refuse to play a part
In the only life I have
I will live by my ideals
Dealing with whatever happens next

I’m allowed to speak my mind
And feel what I am feeling
I don’t want to act like nothing
And pretend that it’s all fine

To feel something is a good thing
Other times it’s very painful
The alternative is the nothingness
That I dread and am afraid of

To have a pointless life
Is when panic attacks will start
Just to think of being nothing
It’s what nightmares are about

People in droves and masses
Marching one by one through life
With puppet painted faces
Feeling nothing, feeling fine

Just too scared to show their insides
What could happen? They would die
They just live out their entire life
Just not happy, then say goodbye

What a waste, a sad existence
To be nothing and not true
To pretend to be a person
That is nothing like you

I’d rather be a person
With a sh#* load of mistakes
That tends to put her foot
Into her mouth most everyday

I will say what others think
I will do what’s not expected
Rules and guidelines are for dollies
And my feelings won’t be neglected

A bloody mess my life is
But I felt along the way
I cried a lot of tears
But there was joy most everyday

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