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Rating: 3.33

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Bard member of OBOD, with a strong and long term interest in Celtic mythology and fairy tales. Writes poetry and fantasy fiction.

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Renewing Alice

An aging Alice sits in her room
Leading a simple life.
Her big adventures are over.

An aging Alice sits in her room,
Her once pretty face losing its' bloom.
This is the nature of time.

An aging Alice sits in her room
Remembering, quietly smiling,
Making a note in her diary ~~~

''The Mad Hatter sees to the deeply crazed core,
The central heart of the matter.
When he dropped in today, escaping the rain,
I was thrilled and delighted to see him again

When you look at the world in a different way
There is wonder, adventure, in each new born day.
Mad, a bit sad, never bad,
He's the dearest friend I ever had.

Next time it rains I hope he comes back.
He reminds me so much of something I lack.
It's always good to have a long natter.
There is wisdom aplenty in tea time chatter.''

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28 April 2016

Poetry comes from a deeper connection to the feeling subconscious, not from the thinking mind

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