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Every leaf, every ant, every star,
and every man has Rhythm.
Music has intricately Woven
into their life and activities.

watch the sun shine and sun set with you,
listen to the bird songs with you,
walk on water to soak my feet with you,
dwell in the castle built in the sky to live with you

The hardest part in my life
how to prove myself
that you more important
than something i wasted now

(God ask's)What is problem my gift?
(Gift)World making me troll and fool,
Not Listening my cry,
Not listening my scream

Once remarked that,
Friendship increases happiness
and diminishes our misery,
Doubling of our Joy

Once a year comes with JOY,
and goes without saying BYE.
Everyone takes one resolution,
that we not follow with many Confusion.

God lent you to the world
with all sort of happiness.
you brought along with much love.
Twinkle in her pretty eyes.

Wakeup from Dream,
Makeup for ur Dream.
Choose your Goal what you want now.
Motivate to move forward your Soul

Insult, Insult by words
words from the Quarrels of suggestion,
suddenly Heart felt lonely,
just controlled my tears,


Fine sunny day,
Cool air and weather was pleasent
full of exitement with singing & dancing,
Suddenly dark clouds covered the sky,

This is the day,
that we tribute to Farmers as 'TAMILAN',
our Culture, Dhoties for men
Sarees for women

Once a night comes like a dark rises,
That makes happy to nightly creature,
Sounds of little creature's like a singing song.
Bright eyes from everywhere


No time to be bored in world
to watch as beautiful as this,
Everyone thinks how she looks lonely and attractive,
Awesome, romantic and mysterious thing hanging up there,

Tiny birds fly in flocks
Even though by smoothy rounded head
some smaller and bigger in size and color,
from the beginning to the end live together in colonies

My dear lovely meimei
your unlikely brother says
that the where true satisfaction found,
teaches me your goodness and comfort


My friend
Seems to be
One & only
Waive to be

Glory comes once a year,
a love born for peace
And gift given by a Big Old man with jingle bell
Reindeer fly so sky so high

That one day i find
Just like in my dream
Secret pleasures of my soul
remove the tears from my eyes

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without a smile life become vile)

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Every leaf, every ant, every star,
and every man has Rhythm.
Music has intricately Woven
into their life and activities.
The rhythm sound made from anywhere.
The sounds of leaves in Wind,
flowing of water in Brook
and crashing of Waves are tuned from Nature.
A child in the Womb soothed
by the rhythmic beat of the'MOTHER'S HEART'.
For getting closer to Divinity and gracious living,
MUSIC is Divine Gift

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Without a Smile Life become Vile

Living in a dream of Love I like to Live with my love........... together just like a Dove

Life makes me dull Problems inside my skull Tears filled in eyes of full dont cry make cry do the things that makes you Be Happy...!

Seems to be One & only Waive to be Modest with Intelligence, Yes it you my Admire

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Ash Frost Popularity

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