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without a smile life become vile

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Every leaf, every ant, every star,
and every man has Rhythm.
Music has intricately Woven
into their life and activities.
The rhythm sound made from anywhere.
The sounds of leaves in Wind,
flowing of water in Brook
and crashing of Waves are tuned from Nature.
A child in the Womb soothed
by the rhythmic beat of the'MOTHER'S HEART'.
For getting closer to Divinity and gracious living,
MUSIC is Divine Gift

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12 February 2017

Without a Smile Life become Vile

09 April 2017

Living in a dream of Love I like to Live with my love........... together just like a Dove

21 May 2017

Life makes me dull Problems inside my skull Tears filled in eyes of full dont cry make cry do the things that makes you Be Happy...!

28 September 2017

Seems to be One & only Waive to be Modest with Intelligence, Yes it you my Admire

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