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I'm 19 year old and a freshman at John Jay College. I'm trying to become a lawyer and I'm not sure who I am in this world right now, but will have to wait an see. I love the ladies too much lol but yea that show's I'm straight by the way. Some confuse me for being bisexual sometimes but anyways I want to succeed and accomplish while I reside in this world.

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Black Hair Woman

Days I yearn to kiss your luscious lips
Delicious lips tasting like a reddish apple
as I bite upon your watery tongue
Dark hair conceals your beautiful face
your beauty resembles that of Aphrodite
Praying you'll love this fool

Times trapped in my dusky hell
You're there to show me the light
Days your sweet words inspires me
Compassionate words bringing hope to
to this foolish sinner

Darken days, the Moon
shines on your caressive skin
my stiff hands stuck upon your
bosom while you remain silent
in the lace bed

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Aaron Rigodon Popularity

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