Abby Belmont Poems

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Secret Lies

When we were together
You hid your true feelings
When you said forever
You thought about her

A Fight For Life

At a young age I was challenged
My life was put on the line
A battle few can ever conquer
With very little time

I Hate You

I've cried so much it cant be true
I've cried so much just for you
I sat back and watched you destroy my world
All because there was another girl

He'Ll Be Back, My Friend

It happens, dont let it get you down
Things happen, they come and go around
But true love you have found
So dont keep that frown

My Life (The One You Destroyed)

You used to be so close
You used to be by my side
I'd come home and you were there
And now i wonder where you went

Does He Still Love Me?

Sometimes when I'm alone,
I think of him and wonder why
How did we lose this love we once shared?
Its like he never cared

A Broken Clock

The days seem to creep on by
And every day I ask myself why,
Why has this life become the way it did
But somethings are not meant to be answwered

I Warned You For A Reason

A fair warning is what I gave
And now you get what you paid
You became fate's puppet
Believing all of her dumb shit

My Boyfriend

Theres a guy who loves me,
Theres a guy who is thinking about me
Theres a guy that wants to be next to me
Theres a guy that dreams about me

Your My Cuts

I left a cut on my arm,
Left a scar across your heart
The blood drips away
Like how im losing you farther each day