Abby Koning

Abby Koning Poems

1. In Winter's Chill 9/5/2006
2. Jaded 9/6/2006
3. I Caught Your Scent Today 9/12/2006
4. Before I Met You 9/21/2006
5. Broken Shadows Of Dreams 9/23/2006
6. Glassy Eyed 9/25/2006
7. Undignified 10/5/2006
8. A 'sign' Is Not A Sure Thing 11/24/2006
9. These Rain-Soaked Streets I Travel Alone 11/27/2006
10. Sipping From Fragments Of Dreams 12/19/2006
11. Frozen Forget-Me-Nots 12/19/2006
12. Song Of Your Eyes 1/29/2007
13. Memoirs Of A Lonely Coffee Shop 3/15/2007
14. The Soft-Spoken Witness 9/3/2007
15. A Subway Train Screams Through Semi-Circles 10/15/2007
16. Scuttle 8/12/2008
17. Blenderwhir 8/12/2008
18. Hydrocholeric 8/12/2008
19. Eve 8/12/2008
20. Squawkings In Nagasaki 8/12/2008
21. Lawnmowershavings 11/14/2008
22. Whitewashed 11/14/2008
23. A Man Asked The Poet 11/14/2008
24. Tarot 12/13/2008
25. Benediction 10/10/2009
26. To Burn 10/10/2009
27. A Poem For You 6/13/2007
28. A Contemplation Upon Curls 6/13/2007
29. A Lie Slipping From Sticky Throats 7/10/2007
30. The Withering Trees Quiver Silently... 8/9/2007
31. Impermanent Shadows 7/10/2007
32. Road To Nowhere 4/5/2007
33. Words Are A Virus 11/28/2006
34. The Taste Of Cold Dregs 7/10/2007
35. The Purpose Of A White Crayon 11/14/2008
36. Just Some Guy 9/17/2006
37. Naivety 9/2/2006
38. Can You Hear Me? 10/1/2006
Best Poem of Abby Koning

Can You Hear Me?

Can you hear me?
The canyon is vast and though my voice echoes
I wonder if you’ll let yourself hear it
And if you do, I wonder whether it will make you

Smile. With impeccable lips that would make mine blush
Redder than the polish on my fingernails
Which is even now slowly chipping away,
Teeth whiter than my ladylike fingers as they meet your

Hands. Slightly calloused, yet somehow gentle,
Fingers weaving the greatest tapestry of all
Our hands fit perfectly, like a thread to a needle
In your hands, mine are smaller than a needle’s

Eye. Mines of...

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Through eyes of jade hue, tranquil waters I survey
I watch and await the dawn with bated breath,
Though I’ve become so jaded
Where is the rising sun that will banish my ennui?
Where are the rays of hope in my ever-present dismay?
I long to breathe in the scent of the sea
And in doing so, to cleanse my lungs
Of all the deceit and insults this world has offered me
The smoky lies inhaled long ago.

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