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Pain And Hurt

If you think you know pain
Think you know hurt
Read through this poem and think again
Because you have not experienced pain and hurt
Unless your life was ever this bad

Like water kills a fire
Or rain clouds kill the sun
You stab my heart profusely
with a dull rusted dagger
The hurt the pain is unbearable

To know that your true love is dead
The one person you love you will never see again
To watch your loved one die just out of your reach
As they look into your eyes asking why
The unbearable hurt and pain you had is now multiplying

You see disappointment in your parents eyes as they look at you
The last look you see from them as they disown you
To know that you aren't good enough
For them thinking you were a horrible child
Now your pain and hurt is multiplying even more

To know that you have never been loved by anyone
Only hated by all the living
To know that if you were to die nobody would care
Nobody would commit suicide just to be with you in hell
The Pain and hurt is now numbing almost death defying

Now do you still know pain and hurt?

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Abby Sowers Popularity

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