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Oh my lady
Passion now is very different
You're Condemnation of my heart trembling
While hurt sadness tampering

A Wonder without an Identity
A poem by: Abdel latif Moubarak … Egypt
Translate by: Fawzy Al-Shalabi
A Wonder without an Identity

Fills me with pain this morning
Tears cry
until now, I'm with practice these rituals
And cracked my inside victories to defeats

Sign me Up Here
To Uterus who is not commute history
Write my name
Never I breastfeed from the bosom of the women in the slave market.

Give birth to the sun the day
asked about you
When the evening
Reflected the light of the moon from your window

don't try My Darling
The fruits of my tree doesn't fall
Hasn't aftertaste
Wind and rain stripped distance


Try to death experience
You dead in a thousand of your poems

Dried saliva
Spirit returned to the former old self
Cracks in the tongue

People around me
Flock like locusts
They whispering
As if were rats on a putrid lake

Non teter les enfants de la mer

Poème poète égyptien: Abdel Latif Moubarak

Day planted sorrows

Inside were of the hearts

Tomorrow... will be changed all cases
More listening to birds

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Abdel Latif Moubarak (Arabic: ??? ?????? ?????) is an Egyptian poet (born 1964) . He is a member of the Egyptian Writers Union and a member of the Arab Writers on the Internet. He was born in Suez and writes poetry using classical Arabic and Egyptian vernacular. He received a Bachelor of Law from Ain Shams University. He was one of the most important poets of the 1980s and his poems were published in several literary magazines in Egypt and the Arab world, including the Arab magazine, Kuwait magazine, News Literature, Republic newspaper, Al-Ahram, the new publishing culture (magazine) .[1])

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Passion Now Is Very Different

Oh my lady
Passion now is very different
You're Condemnation of my heart trembling
While hurt sadness tampering
Between the lips of dreams
And you are back and your heart
Your heart is traveled
Under the slogans of illusions
Don't know
You're from my soul
My timetable the crucified
In bosom wind
I back to your love
Love you no more
Since to start dreaming and I know
You're up to a million women
Come with the wind of Beach my Dream
Your questions under protective jealousy
I am nearing madness
This is my pain
This is my heart
Uttar new recital
For love follows
Time a change
Oh my lady
Passion now is very different

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