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Now i am looking for me
I am searching for me
I am ready to be
I wanna be me

Alone right now 'it's rough'
My day is my night
All my amazing life
Lost its charming light

pieces have clashed down
and the pictuers become blur
people's fronts frown
in front of the closed door

Frozen souls, burnt hearts
Make up bad men of evil
From eternity evil starts
Stopping every star's twinkle

In this battle against life itry...
I try, try hard to say
What's felt beneath in any way that may
Show the right thing to do

A man with no past is a couple made up of one
To me yesterday’s never existed
Today, from here I need to run
Nothing seems familiar

The fear inside me
Is driving me insane.
Please! Shelter.. hide me,
Back me up against the pain.

It looks like, i've never had existed
i don't know, why i can't stand still
i can't see, how was i drifted
always, downed by the damn chill

I tried to write a song yesterday
And i came up with some random lines
I thought they were some great stuff
Of which people won't get enough

Desperate cold sun passes by
Crying over it's faded smile
That once used to satisfy
Every helpless man and every child

Cold breezes sneak at night
Surprise my laid body
Through the small curves of my blanket
They sting as the unhappy truth

When I was lost in the jungle
Of those never ending issues
Which I just couldn't handle,
Got an offer I couldn't refuse

Closing down my tired eyes
To that old sickening worl
My hope gets put and flies
Away there is no word

I've never had the pleasure of meeting
A rotten apple
Until that day
When i opened my eyes

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Seghir Abdelmajid, was born in Rabat in April the 2nd,1986. In 1994 his family moved to Laayoune in the south of Morocco, he has become interested in poetry in the high school, after getting his baccalaureat he went to Agadir to continue his studies but he had some tough situations which forced him to go back to Laayoune and change his path to hotel trade and tourism instead of literature.However; he is still in love with English, and he is still trying to improve his writings, especially that he now is a member of a local music band called RECTOVERSO...)

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In The Search Of Me...

Now i am looking for me
I am searching for me
I am ready to be
I wanna be me

Why, can't you never see
i wanna be set free
i wanna cross the deep sea
i wanna find me


and now, i've gone, there
to get me out of your cell

still, life kicks me so hard
destroys me so bad
i can't understand
why can't I be back to my land

Death is my happiest end
cuz i've lost the will to stand
please death, take me down
now that i'm asking for your hand

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Abdelmajid Seghir Popularity

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