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Define Life,

Define Life,
Define Life by periods of Grace,
I can see my moment of Glory,
Await and see the Image a Flow,


Breathe is my due to live,
I breathe and compose,
Breathe is the calling,

Money Talk's,

Money talk's,
Money talk's,
You know it say's it all,
You got it in your mind,

We Will See Justice On Earth,

We Will See Justice on Earth,
We Will see Justice on Earth,
All that wish to see us fail,
We taking all Over again,

Let It Grow,

Let it Grow,
Let it Grow in Morals,
Taking the Movement in my hands,
God is the Only Remedy,

Abdul Karim Comments

Joyce Lee 03 June 2009

OMG what a relief, after reading your poem it gave me a big relief, this is excellent, thank you for writig it.

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