Abdul Wahab

Gold Star - 19,136 Points [Northern Wind , Suriya , Suzlon , Ruhida]

Abdul Wahab Poems

1041. Life And Love 4/29/2016
1042. Life Is Like A Poem 3/20/2016
1043. Life Is More Or Nothing 1/23/2013
1044. Life Is Not Bad Enough 6/16/2016
1045. Life Life Life Life Life Life Life Life Life Life Life Is A Real Addiction 6/16/2012
1046. Lighted Lamp 8/3/2013
1047. Listenable 5/11/2016
1048. Live Together Or Marrieage 6/23/2012
1049. Living With Carcasses 6/3/2013
1050. Logic Is More Puzzling! 5/4/2012
1051. Logic Is Not A Moulded Rectangular Piece Of Clay 6/20/2016
1052. Lonely Markets And Empty Streets 3/25/2012
1053. Long Live Our King! (A Skit Poetry) 9/29/2012
1054. Longing For Him 6/15/2012
1055. Looking Glass 5/12/2013
1056. Looking Up For A Thing 11/14/2014
1057. Losing In My Life 8/7/2013
1058. Lost Page 9/2/2013
1059. Love 8/29/2012
1060. ''Love'' 6/6/2013
1061. Love Moans A Groan! (A Senryu) 4/7/2012
1062. Love (New) 6/2/2013
1063. Love And Anger 6/2/2013
1064. Love And Life 4/28/2016
1065. Love And Smoking (Alternative Version) 11/7/2013
1066. Love At First Sight 5/4/2012
1067. Love Can Hang You Up! 4/5/2012
1068. Love Does Not Teach To Gaze 11/2/2013
1069. Love Flue 11/3/2012
1070. Love For Son 6/15/2016
1071. Love For The Interest 8/26/2012
1072. Love I Despise But Mirracles I Love 6/17/2013
1073. Love In Sale 11/29/2012
1074. Love Is At Threat 3/25/2012
1075. Love Is Burning In The Coal 4/5/2012
1076. Love Is Hate 5/25/2012
1077. Love Is In The Air 5/24/2012
1078. 'Love'' Is My Love 6/10/2013
1079. Love Is The Nectar (A Haiku) 3/19/2012
1080. Love Letter 5/17/2016
Best Poem of Abdul Wahab

>≫≫I Want To Die

Heavenly cursed and heavily sinned I
No more i like to add them, so, I want to die
And I want to become a holy ghost
Whom the people would like the most.
Like the retreating soldiers I like to come back
To my own permanent and eternal home
You may call it a suicide or martyrdom.

In my real home I see the news
Coming from the lipstick coated lips
In the television of my molten death
People are sobbing with a heavy breath.
The atmosphere is heavy and they feel the pain
This thrills me and gives a feeling of gain.

The only son of my ...

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Palm Fibre

May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined
He will lose all whatever he gained
He will be in the flaming fire,
So, his wife the fuel carrier,
Around her neck a twisted cord of palm fibre.

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