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Midnight Ponder

the light fades
and my cornea turns grey

Good riddance

there he is
with fangs elongated

Strangely it looks
How his world collide with thine
Still happy is he
For it's a pleasure he cherish


promise to be a True friend forever
then, I will be a knight

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~Medicine ~Poet ~Ambivert ~Proud muslim ~Quote; Every Good time has a Goodbye ~A heart powered by poetry, A mind driven by Science)

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Midnight Ponder

Midnight Ponder

the light fades
and my cornea turns grey
then I begin to wonder
how would life no more be

but this thought, my cerebrum can't balance
hear beat accelerated
soul speaking in tone
I do not understand

I think of death and I laugh out sad
knowing how feeble life is
And as I realise surely one-day
I will say good-bye
to the good times I had

ouch it hurts knowing death awaits
cause sometimes my day bleeds
thinking of him
still I fantasize the after life that awaits

then my system
finally gives up to sleep
while my brain ponder greatly
of this 'Mr unpredictable'
only to have comfort
when a new day is born

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Those who ridicule your hustles wouldn't give you a penny for being idle #be wise

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