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A Pen Of Reed

Once I was embedded in earth,
My roots were short but firm in crust.

I sucked water and swayed with blows,

Arab East Colleges [aec]

A. E. C. is the name of my college,
Say it an alma-mater, a house of knowledge.

North in Riyadh and beside Madina Road,

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16 September 2021

Real evaluation of a person is to judge him in the hours of infliction.

16 September 2021

If gold rusts, what can iron do?

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Abid Hayat Khokhar, Lecturer in English, Community College Majma'ah of
the King Saud University, Saudi Arabia is basically Lecturer in English in the Government College,
Department of Education, Pakistan running in the domain of the Punjab University, Lahore. He is well
versed in English—language as well as literature. He bears good command over m ...

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