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Once I was embedded in earth,
My roots were short but firm in crust.

I sucked water and swayed with blows,

A. E. C. is the name of my college,
Say it an alma-mater, a house of knowledge.

North in Riyadh and beside Madina Road,

Abid Khokhar Biography

Abid Hayat Khokhar, Lecturer in English, Community College Majma'ah of the King Saud University, Saudi Arabia is basically Lecturer in English in the Government College, Department of Education, Pakistan running in the domain of the Punjab University, Lahore. He is well versed in English—language as well as literature. He bears good command over managing classes, preparing teaching material and executing his lessons to the students with various stylistic techniques employing drawing, calligraphy, handy material and language in literature and literature in language. Life History: In 1961, born in Pind Dadan Khan, one of the sub-division of the District Jhelum, Abid Hayat opened his eye in the terrains of his native homelands having all the geological tastes - the Salt Range in the north and the River Jhelum in the south, green fertile lands grown all around in the eastern part and desolate, barren sandy areas in the west. ICI, DCCL and Gharibwal Cement Industy in vicinity imprinted the industrial culture on the mind of young Abid Hayat Khokhar side by side with urban culture of Pind Dadan Khan and rural culture impregnated with variegated shades of nature and objects of nature around him not remote from the access of this kid. Hence, he was brought up in an environment that had different shades of human society sufficient enough for balanced brought of a man extrovertly. He spent a couple of years in the Colony of DCCL in the pre-school age amidst the mountains of the salt range. Higher in vicinity, the child used to envisage the surroundings of the locality with river before his eyes at the distance of seven kilometers, the nature made him accustomed to enquire into external eye with real discernment produced taste in feeling and understanding the life and society in concrete ways. His elder brother and father's guidance made it more practical in imagination. So, from the very beginning, the chap turned into a pragmatic and imaginative being. He got his early education from Islamia Primary School and Government High School, Pind Dadan Khan from 1965 to 1977 and this academic phase was sandwiched by Public Academy Secondary School Rawalpindi (1973-75) and C.B.Technical School, Tariqabad, Rawalpindi (1975-76) . This intermitting phase brought about tremendous change in the apprehensions of the individual and he found nice treatment of first grade intuitions of Rawalpindi - a metropolis. Here he tried to find correlation of urban and rural societies and tried to homogenize them in his mental growth. He improved his artistic qualities over here and got polished his innate trends in drawing, arts, crafts, calligraphy. That's why he got through Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Sargodha Board in 1977 with distinction. He got 700/900 and stood first in his school as well as the whole district. His name is still inscribed on the Role of Honours of the School for the year 1977. Having finished schooling, the lad entered into college life with full zeal and fervor. He got admission in F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) group in Government College Satellite Town and won many merit scholarships too. During his studies in college, his taste for language and literature went on improving because of the book on biology: An Inquiry into Biological Science. It is a book on biology but the material set in it is more poetic as well as literary in style. In this phase, the guy took interest in extracurricular activities like debates, speeches, compositions for college magazine and began to inclined towards literature and literary circles. Hafiz Muhammad Yaqub, Prof. Liaquat Ali had cast great influence of their scholship on his mind. If the former had been religious and well versed in language, the later was embodiment of English Literature and progressive movements. Here again he got a mean between extremes. The personality of Dost Muhammad Saghir, an urdu poet, left an indeliable mark on the mid of the young guy with deep, practical and imaginative approach towards poetry and literature. When he passed F.Sc by securing first division, he turned into a literary person instead of a science ridden entity. The he joined arts subjects with English Language/Literature, Economics and Political Science. After passing through Degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in 1984 from the University of the Punjab, he got admission into Bachlor of Education Classes and did B.Ed in 1987 and secured Degree of Master in English Literature from the University of the Punjab, Lahore. It is interesting to state that he had been teaching in Sir Syed Public School, Tipu Road, Rawalpindi on part time but regular basis. Here he went on experiencing first grade real academic, social, and tutorial activities side by side with his studentship. Hence, when he plucked masters, he had been trained already in teaching sector. After passing B.Ed examination, Abid Hayat Khokhar joined Department of Education as SST in 1989 and after the announcement of the result of M.A English; he was promoted to Subject Specialist in Higher Secondary School. From 27-4-1993 to 20-08-1997, he worked as Subject Specialist in English and also rendered the services of Controller Examinations of the institution during this period. During this stay in HSS, he felt the scope and working in Higher Secondary School is little academic and sacrificing his seniority, he reappeared in Public Service Commission and got selected as Lecturer in English. Thereafter he went on serving as lecturer in English in Government College, Pind Dadan Khan effective from 21-08-1977. During his stay here in the college, he rendered many services other than tuition work. In addition to teaching work, he executed different portfolios in the College. He had been editor of the College Magazine (English Section) , Office In charge, Member Discipline Committee, Deputy Controller Examinations, Acting Head of English Department etc., etc. Socially, he had been playing vital role in Bazme Ghalib - a local literary society. He had been writing urdu lyrics in the regular magazine Awraq e Preshaan which was a notified magazine. On community service level, he had been Chairman, SMC, Tamerr-e-Millat School, Pind Dadan Khan from 1993-1998. Teaching and instructing with vision and super-vision had been a craze to him. He also established a private institution with collaboration with Haji Abdul Rasheed with the name of 'Pearl Public School, Pind Dadan Khan. He is live Director Academics of this institution. An additional and important aspect of this man is that he passed out successfully National Cadet Corps in 19979 as cadet. On 16th September,2002, this lecturer left Pakistan for Saudi Arabia on deputation with the Ministry of Education. Though he lost all the social and community involvement, yet he began enjoying new experience of teaching English to Saudi Students. In 2005, he was selected by the King Saud University for Community College, Al Majma'ah and and worked there as lecturer in English until 2018. After spending two years in Madina Munawarra, he resumed to Riyadh and has been working in Arab East Colleg(s) , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.)

The Best Poem Of Abid Khokhar

A Pen Of Reed

Once I was embedded in earth,
My roots were short but firm in crust.

I sucked water and swayed with blows,
That flowed to me, from yonder snows.

Me lived in silence and had no blames,
'To stand and stare' were the only games.

Suddenly I felt, a hit below;
I heaved a cry, no one can trow.

I was not standing, no more erect;
My feet had gone, much pained in fact.

My leaves were trimmed, and body got naked;
I felt so sorry, on the dagger and hatchet.

A few days later, was put in furnace
Me felt so hot, saw red my surface.

Cut into pieces and shaped into bundle,
I went to a girl, who held me and fondle.

Happy was she, to hold in her hands,
Forgot those pains, I had in sands.

She went in the kitchen, returned with a knife;
Chopped my head, and made a 'qalam right.

My face was slanted, my nose was cut,
Ready to write, a pen of reed gut.

Now I am teeming, in Tahira's hands
Forgot altogether, those remote lands.

Pen in English, Qalam in Arabic
Now you know, the whole of my fabric.

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Real evaluation of a person is to judge him in the hours of infliction.

If gold rusts, what can iron do?

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Abid Khokhar Popularity

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