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1. I Am Alone 5/26/2005
2. Let Me 6/30/2005
3. Shout 7/5/2005
4. Friend 7/7/2005
5. This Is What You Call Life 2/27/2005
6. You Loved Her Once 2/28/2005
7. Here U Go 3/1/2005
8. We 3/3/2005
9. It Is My Choice 4/22/2005
10. I Am Helpless, Not Helpfull 4/22/2005
11. Lets Do It Again 4/28/2006
12. Luli Rain 6/11/2006
13. Luli Rain, Forever 6/11/2006
14. Remember Me 6/11/2006
15. Its Not You, Only Me 6/11/2006
16. First Night 6/11/2006
17. Life 1/4/2007
18. Cardboard 4/28/2006
19. Lets Do It Today 1/4/2007

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Lets Do It Today

lets be happy and forget,
lets forget all pain, and mishappining, lets
be happy again, lets open
new door and walk throuh, lets
make new map, and read
lets do it today
lets, smile, what we did in past, lets say
i was wrong
lets say, all happend because of me
and cheerup, and lets do it today
lets do it, and promise, that, i would never, repeat my mistakes again
and burn all, letters, and the ring, letters, and memmories
and smile, and bless, those you loved, and they will
always regret, what they lost
lets, pray for them, and lets go to ...

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You Loved Her Once

You loved her
and this is what i know
You touched her onece
and this is what i know
Iknow you must have loved her more then me
I know you criyed for her more then me
And i know, you still there somehow
And i just want to tell you that i am tryin
I am tryin not to think about you, but her

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