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Some say I am a strong woman
Some tell me I am a brave woman
Some think I should be more of a woman
Some will tell you I'm a good woman

If I could put my lyrics
Over the right beat
A tight beat
It would play on, play on

Send up a prayer
I am now a player
In this game by the Creator
I boldly choose my side, where

I will write for you my love
I will write for you
For you i will write;
of love, of pain, of joy, of sorrow,


Throw your head back again
And sing out again
There is something wrong with the way it looks
There is something right with the way you do that

I have never tried conformity
And I am speaking strictly socially
I am just who I am, normally
Never tried to blend in formally

I see him and my mind wanders
My mind wonders and ponders

I wonder of things that are

Tomorrows was such a great day
Until it became Today
Tomorrows uncertain, its unclear, its blank
It is not Today


The time is late
The day rests

It’s when the time waits

He struck a sorry image
He struck a lonely pose
Where he sat alone
at the edge where two roads met

I miss you so its like my heart has been extracted, my soul subtracted
I'm lost without you, but mostly I'm lonely without you
Its a strange and quiet place now, my place
What's worse is that I know you miss me too


How I wish high above my means
How I wish far below my dreams
That I will never ever be that one
That one that arrives when it is too late

As I prepare to leave I ask myself
What does it mean if I do not get a gift?
What does it mean?
How will I feel?

i dedicate to you
my prayer for a better day
as i go through my days
and at night dream dreams

I look at you, Looking at me
Your face,
Your lips, Your eyes
Your eyes they question me

By your words you have a voice
Speak them and you have a choice
Open your eyes dear child
Do not let it all pass you by

She speaks the words best
than I ever heard
Her lovely voice
Is music to my ears

As I take this ride there
I look around me, everywhere
There is rushing and pushing
All in a hurry to get somewhere


I tried to write about my pain
but it would not drain
All I can do is think
And put it all down in ink

I’m attracted
Like a moth to a flame
I’m captivated
Like a prisoner with no chain

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The Woman I Am

Some say I am a strong woman
Some tell me I am a brave woman
Some think I should be more of a woman
Some will tell you I'm a good woman
While some think I'm not much of a woman
Or at all like any woman they ever knew
And that I could be so much more

But all I am is a woman
All I am is my woman
I am the woman I can be
The one I want to be
Not the one I should be, could be, would be
Not so much more, too much like, or nearly so

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