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Where is the promise of my years;
Once written on my brow?
Ere errors, agonies and fears


Ashkelon is not cut off with the remnant of a valley.
Baldness dwells not upon Gaza.

A Memory

I see her yet, that dark-eyed one,
Whose bounding heart God folded up
In His, as shuts when day is done,
Upon the elf the blossom's cup.

The Autograph On The Soul

In the Beginning, God, the great Schoolmaster, wrote upon the white leaves of our souls the text of life, in His own autograph.

The Release

'Carry me out of the host, for I am wounded.'
The battle waged strong.
A fainting soul was borne from the host.

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Adah Isaacs Menken (June 15, 1835 – August 10, 1868) was an American actress, painter and poet.

She was born Adah Bertha Theodore in New Orleans to a French Creole mother and a Free Negro father, Auguste Theodore. She danced as a child in New Orleans, Havana and Texas. Eventually she worked in San Francisco. Menken was known for her poetry and p ...

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