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Eyes wide shut
As I begin to awake
Laughing at memories
And our times well spent

Good by my dear
My time has come
For us to part
So please don’t fear

Up to the sky
Past all the abyss
Here a fly buzz by
Seeing you brings bliss

Walking around here and there
Sweet smells of you drift in the air
I never felt this way before
Looking at you I melt to the floor

Busted wide open my hearts drips freely
Pain and despair I am down kneeling
Life without you will be short and stout
Long hours of drinking till my liver busts out

Laying in my boat
Feeling the cool mist
Yells from my love
Asking me to assist

An infant’s touch
So soft and sweet
9 months of pain
Until you meet

I’ve had enough
I’ve been battered and bruised
I’ve felt crippled from failure
I’ve got nothing else to loose

Looking through the trees
Slipping off into the dark
I hear voices yelling please
Entering the murky park

I wake in the morning
To look in the mirror
Another day I’ve aged
For this I have feared

Perfect pretty princess
Dancing in her gown
Always happy and cheerful
Never with a frown

The traveling bard
Has to make due
Snapping the strings
For enjoyment on cue

i wandered home last night
in my bed it was so bare
my body was full of fright
for you were not there

Loving to be
Lost were we
Wrapped arms squeeze
Buckled at my knees

Quirky and awkward life
Has told
Thou thinks one is weird
But now true


Lost tossed down on luck
Battered buckled at the knees
Metaphorical mind truck
Waiting to be saved please

Trees lay restless
As time stands still
Your beauty and grace
Is always a thrill

Dancing side by side
With the one who knows you best
Kissing in the moon light
Forgetting all the rest

Sifting dreams
Trying to find what’s real
Tidal waves break
Spinning my world dizzily

As the wind blows
Pulling me in
Life is but a whirlwind
You must begin

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living in a nutshell, battle for freedom has been at ones hand long striving to break the hold of the compressing hand of life)

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Another Perfect Day

Eyes wide shut
As I begin to awake
Laughing at memories
And our times well spent
Soft nestled breeze
Seeps in through the window
Brilliant smells of spring time
Twirl around the house
Another perfect morning
Because I woke up alive
Another perfect morning
With you by my side

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Adam Day Popularity

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