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1. A Love Story! 8/28/2010
2. **a Letter To Kemi** 9/4/2010
3. **a Letter To Mr. Poem**** 9/4/2010
4. (() **meet Me At Our Usual Spot**()) 9/4/2010
5. 2nd Semester Exams 9/4/2010
6. More 9/4/2010
7. ....Delay Is Not Denial.... 9/8/2010
8. To Which End? 9/9/2010
9. I Chatted With The President! 9/9/2010
10. Come Back Home! 9/9/2010
11. Never 2 Late! 9/9/2010
12. Love-Sick! 9/9/2010
13. Desperado 9/9/2010
14. A Long Story! 9/9/2010
15. My Flaws, My Remedy 9/9/2010
16. With Love 9/9/2010
17. The Bible 9/9/2010
18. Woe-Men 9/14/2010
19. Forever Yours 9/14/2010
20. Foul Or Fair? 9/14/2010
21. Silence Is Golden 9/14/2010
22. A Good Cause! 9/14/2010
23. My Life, My Dreams 9/14/2010
24. 'Toasting' 11/11/2010
25. To Her (True Love) 11/11/2010
26. How Long 8/14/2010
27. My First Love 8/21/2010
28. Redemption Song 8/28/2010
29. Mathematics 9/9/2010
30. **just A Friend** 9/9/2010
31. ***a Beautiful Night''*** 9/4/2010
32. ***the Day Lagos Wept**** 9/8/2010
33. (*(Me & Poems*() 9/8/2010
34. ***when Am Gone*** 9/9/2010

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***when Am Gone***

In this world, am nothing but a passerby,
My years are counting, my days are numbered,
After my demise, for what shall I be remembered?
Will my footprints be on the sands of the earth?
Tell me, will I realize my dreams before my death?

Not gilded monument, gold or silver shall outlive this piece
For when am gone, am gone for good, am gone in peace
Gone from this ill-ridden, endangered & flawed world
But before then, for you lovers of my poem, I have a word;
Engrave my words in your heart, let it be a healing
I hope you get my word, I do hope you share in...

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My First Love

Mothers of many, hater of none, in this world you are No.1
Give me the drums, give me the horn
Let me play a tune of ecstasy to the ears of my first love
In her haven of peace i hibernated for months
Like a jewel she adores me
She lives in my heart and resides in my thoughts
Good or bad, right or wrong, rich or poor, you are the BEST
Her heart is remedial, her attitude; contagious, her speeches wisdom bound
Gold, diamonds, rubies & silvers will serve you no fair share

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