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Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen Poems

1. Boredom 9/4/2013
2. An Attempt At Isolation 9/5/2013
3. An Attempt At Meeting 9/5/2013
4. An Attempt At Eulogy 9/5/2013
5. The Past Of Meaning 9/5/2013
6. The Party 9/5/2013
7. Losses 9/6/2013
8. An Attempt At Madness 9/7/2013
9. An Attempt To Await 9/7/2013
10. An Attempt To Fly 9/7/2013
11. An Attempt At Luck 9/7/2013
12. A Scene 9/7/2013
13. Summary 9/7/2013
14. Graves Of Meaning 9/7/2013
15. Guests 9/7/2013
16. Waiting For My Beloved To Descend 9/9/2013
17. Foxes 9/9/2013
18. Fire And Sinbad 9/9/2013
19. An Attempt At The Bullet 9/9/2013
20. Theft 9/10/2013
21. The Picture Of The Jack In The Playing Cards 9/10/2013
22. The Crow 9/10/2013
23. An Attempt At The Dot's Blood 9/10/2013
24. An Attempt At The Question 9/10/2013
25. An Attempt At Hamlet 9/10/2013
26. Peace Of Meaning 9/10/2013
27. An Attempt To Tour 9/10/2013
28. An Attempt At Joy 9/10/2013
29. An Attempt To Write 9/10/2013
30. An Attempt At Magic 9/10/2013
31. An Attempt At Music 9/10/2013
32. An Attempt To Love 9/11/2013
33. Flight Of Meaning 9/11/2013
34. An Attempt At Seeing 9/11/2013
35. The Piper 9/11/2013
36. An Attempt To Celebrate 9/11/2013
37. Strangers Dining Table 9/11/2013
38. The Lady's Banquet 9/11/2013
39. A Closed Body 9/11/2013
40. Sleeplessness 9/11/2013

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The rain has fallen drop by drop
Wave by wave
Sea by sea
Until the sun has risen, dancing in its wonderful light.
The children have laughed
And flown through the trees of almond, apple and orange.
The girls have laughed
And become conscious of their beautiful rounded breasts.
The sweethearts who have been smashed by love
And the screams of the body constrained every night
Have laughed.
The sparrows and starlings have laughed
In the middle of light and smoke.
The clocks and hospitals have laughed.
So have the patients, searching for a hope of ...

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An Attempt At Eulogy

At forty years old
In the fortieth year
I sat at the door of a dream.
The dream was as lean as a lost date
As good as Bedouin fire.
The playing cards were showing its picture
With or without a crown
In a formal uniform or with ‘iqal* on head.
I became aware of its silence.

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