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Adelaide Crapsey

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  • Rebecca Lyle Rebecca Lyle (11/14/2018 3:45:00 PM)

    I just read Doom, it is sensational

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  • Corbin Garza (1/18/2005 4:11:00 PM)

    give me a peace poem

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Best Poem of Adelaide Crapsey


Fate Defied

As it
Were tissue of silver
I'll wear, O fate, thy grey,
And go mistily radiant, clad
Like the moon.

Night Winds

The old
Old winds that blew
When chaos was, what do
They tell the clattered trees that I
Should weep?

The Warning

Just now,
Out of the strange
Still dusk . . . as strange, as still . . .
A white moth flew . . . Why am I grown
So cold?

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The Lonely Death

In the cold I will rise, I will bathe
In waters of ice; myself
Will shiver, and shrive myself,
Alone in the dawn, and anoint
Forehead and feet and hands;
I will shutter the windows from light,
I will place in their sockets the four
Tall candles and set them aflame
In the grey of the dawn; and myself