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i find myself laughing less each day as the sky seemes to darken.
why am i so miserable? what is wrong with me? my emotions are pulling me under and i am finally drowning.
i find myself caring less each day as my heart grows cold.
why am i so cold? what is going wrong with me? the ups and downs are driving me insane.

Love Consumes Us

love consumes our souls
drawning us in confusion
leaving us
broken and scarred


trapped by the hidden
the truth of love
it binds you
and leaves scars

Broken Mask

this mask is breaking
chipping away
you can start to see through
but some still lingers


coldness engolfs his heart
blocking feeling of dispair
from breaking the already fragile heart
coldness blocking feeling from her heart

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i have done a lot of wrong and have broken hearts along with having mine broken too. i fall in love too easily and pay for it in the long run. i am viewed as an out cast amoung the out cast (which are all my friends.) i am a little diffrent know because i have found someone finally so my peoms are alittle diffrent at times. well if you really want to know anything about me just ask and i will answer

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