Adrienne Crawford Poems

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So Much Emotion

So much emotion
I feel right now.
So much commotion
Someway, somehow.

I'm At A Twist And Turn In My Life

I'm at a twist and turn in my life.
Not feeling any strife.
I'm at a crossroads in the path.
Don't know how long this will last.

Come Be With Me

Come be with me.
See me as I see
You in all your glory.
Let's share all our story.

Let Me Get Ready To Go

Let me get ready to go.
I really need to let you grow.
I really need to show.
That we are no longer a duo.

Stars Shining Bright

Stars shining bright.
Sun in the sky.
Moon sheds it's light.
Way up high.

Can You Enjoy Yourself By Yourself?

Can you enjoy yourself by yourself
Or do you need someone else,
To sit on your shelf?
So you won't be alone.

A Sacred Place

A sacred place
A sacred space
Inside yourself.
Where one dwells.


Life in all its vagaries.
Time in all its complexities.
Earth the only thing I see.
Wealth is what needs to be.

My Life Is In Your Hand

My life is in your hand.
I'm at your command.
Take a stand
And demand

I Live In The Nether World

I live in the nether world
Between the clouds, that twirl
And the earth that's always spinning
And this life has me grinning

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