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night skys
black as the core of an eye
deeper than my endless sea
as fathomless as a mind


quickly sprint out the door
met with a surge of cool winter air
scent of buring wood alights on the morning wind

frozen winds swift through deadwood branches

whipping snow against treetrunks

a glittering ring was given me
a clear transparent crystal set
in glass of every color to see

one moment i want nothing more than to be with them
and the next i realize that
what i have could be better.

i am a minnow
And I am one of two
Named somethings so simple as Ella and True
We’re mostly plain silver

Cold winds strip away face, hands, ankles
stand bare foot on the empty shore
staring out at the endless ocean
sea of happiness

eyes opened
they become part of the water around them
their greeness blends with the blueness they are surrounded with
and i see the meaning of the ocean

three brothers owed a man a favour.
so they thought to pay him with chickens.
with thirty hens.
each brother giving ten.


today i sat in the class room.
back to the open window
basking in the warm sunlight.
teachers monologue quite poeticly flowing in one ear and out the next.

i try not to be a burden
and not to get attached
i'll never be a person

if not even rain has such small hands
then the tiny rivulets it carves in sand
are not the artfullness of infant fingers

Autumn gusts
death red and orange
prophesy of a massacre of green and hopefullness

i have this day dream
its the day dream that keeps me going
that one day when i'm in school
i'll be alone in the hall way

like a little chicken whose feathers are stuck to the inside of his shell
he'll never live to see a day
if he dosent endure the small pain

if a poem is honesty
i'll be honest.

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me: sea, sky, sun, sails, summer. june 10,2005 aerodyne 38 (do an image search on google, they're beautiful) Azores, Portugal. (faial to be specific) Cuttyhunk (an island off Cape cod Mass))

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night skys
black as the core of an eye
deeper than my endless sea
as fathomless as a mind
hold pinpricks of brilliance
brighter than light
and places
it ends.

there is no such thing as darkness
only the absence of light

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